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New NASA Earth's ionosphere study helps me and my GPS navigator see through clear skies

by Rus Abz 2011-07-27 14:00

Aurora in Ionosphere from Shuttle Last time I was working on my tax application I thought about where my tax money go. LAX airport is close by so the jet aircraft take off and land every half a minute at average roaring their turbo jet engines at low sub-woofer frequency or at my take about 5 hertz as I can feel it with my stomach. So this way or other I thought that it would be cool for my share of tax money to go towards fixing the air pollution right there where I live and work in beautiful marina Del Rey area of sunny California. Then I thought about bigger polluters, like launch rockets which employ rocket engines made in the Ukraine, as they are cheaper than ours American rocket engines and provide more thrust, but they pollute more too. So how much of my tax money goes to fix a pollution of the rocket making another hole in  ionosphere protective layer so we are getting more ultraviolet with every rocket launch. And, oh well, by the way how much of my tax money goes towards launch of the new space rocket. I have seen figures for the GPS satellite launch project about eight billion dollars from the taxpayer's pocket, mine included. What would I expect next, hmm, more taxes to launch more GPS satellites, and more taxes to fix the ecology problems caused by rockets making holes in the ionosphere which protects creatures on the Earth from cancer. Can I dream about my tax money go completely to health services improvement, for helping ecology of the Planet Earth. 

There are new trends in protecting our planet Earth from further damage by rocket launch consequences, all kinds of pollution from hazardous waste, gasoline vehicles pollution, manufacturing plants. In fact we need more rocket launches to study the effects of rocket launches harm to ionosphere and atmosphere. Moreover the research rockets, according to NASA, are injecting lithium into the ionosphere, so the lithium clouds could be visible to the scientist's monitoring equipment and measurements may be conducted upon the current state and development trends, as well as statistics of the ionosphere health.

Lithium and health. My biology teacher told me that pure lithium is naturally occurring in  sodium, calcium, and potassium, so it is a naturally dispersed mineral. I also heard that lithium is prescribed to depressed and other patients as a therapeutic salt – the lithium salt. Lithium may be used in its various forms to help treat serious mental illness. Good news so far. My tax related mental illness asks me if my tax money are used to bring into the high levels of my mother planet Earth lungs more rocket exhaust to carry up clouds of lithium which I am sure is not a poison to the Earth's lungs, moreover lithium is a powerful medication to treat my tax money spending related mood disorders. How optimistic. 

On the good side lithium salts may have a certain therapeutic affect on me. Their toxic ratio is somewhat questionable. If that is a medication lithium injected by NASA rockets into the ionosphere, it may be by the way good for humans with depression, but who is going to monitor how much of lithium will fall onto our heads. Like all medicines too much of lithium is dangerous and toxic to plants, animals, and humans. I do have lithium toxic material in my iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone and GPS navigator's batteries, and getting some more injected into Earth's  ionosphere.  Lithium is found abundantly in certain rocks and the sea and in minute amounts in plant and animal tissues. Lithium also shows up in water, notably in the springs and spas where in earlier times people "took the waters," bathing in and drinking the lithium-rich water for its soothing effects. Whether lithium actually calmed 19th-century ladies and gentlemen has never been documented. What we do know is that, from time to time since antiquity, doctors have noticed that lithium can control over excitement in some of their patients. 

The ionosphere neutral and charged particles pattern variations do matter. The reason being all of radio frequency and other types of communication equipment connectivity, including GPS satellite constellation intercommunication (even with my personal GPSMAP 62s geocaching handheld), the high end GPS receivers and GPS navigational devices, like Marine NMEA 2000 chartplotters or fishfinders, and Google (GOOG) Maps, like Google mobile GPS enabled services may be affected by the way GPS and other radio-band signals penetrate and/or being distorted on their way through the ionosphere. 

An ionosphere, as a living organism may be sometimes in good health and sometimes, more often than we may expect, far from healthy condition. Thanks to fluctuations on Stars, on Sun, far and close cosmos activities, and last but not least, us humans making ionosphere disturbed by burning holes in it with our rockets and laser weaponry, and who knows what else. To figure exact reasons for the ionosphere sensations and better predict the disturbance to the radio and GPS communication streams scientists are using lithium clouds as one method to better research the Earth's ionosphere behavioral patterns. NASA has launched a several research rockets from NASA Flight Facility in Virginia. The launches include the NASA Terrier Improved Orion rocket and the Black Brant V suborbital sounding NASA rocket. 

The Terrier-Improved Orion rocket is releasing lithium clouds into the Earth's ionosphere. The lithium clouds may not be visible to the observer who uses a regular optical equipment on the Earth. NASA has places specially tweaked cameras to monitor the lifetime movement patterns and other conditions and properties of the sub-orbital Terrier Improved Orion delivered lithium clouds from the ground. The  measurements in the ionosphere will be taken The collected information will be analyzed to discover the ionospheric geography currents and particle formation patterns and their affect on the transparency, reflection, penetration and quality of the GPS and radio spectrum signals and other experiments with lithium clouds traveling in Earth's ionosphere to possibly improve the reliability of vital communication data streams for the GPS operators, GPS topographic maps (topo maps), GPS guided objects and GPS provider services. 

Ecology is an extremely important matter to humankind overall and each of us humans health and survival possibilities. But there are other factors as well. The ionosphere plays important role in worldwide and even cosmic communication channels, mostly radio frequency based, GPS, and short wave radio access-ability, predictability, availability and reliability. It is important to know that your Midland hazard radio is fully functional and can continuously and uninterrupted read the real time weather channel warnings and let you know if the storm is developing nearby. It is important that your GPS handheld navigator can reach at least four GPS constellation satellites to provide you with accurate longitude, altitude and elevation pinpoint positioning and nicely geotagged into the photograph and/or video report you are taking on top of Everest with you sophisticated GPS Rino 655t's embedded megapixel camera. Happy mountain climbing in the crystal clear Earth's atmosphere below the ionosphere level on top of Everest. Clear skies!

NASA Terrier Improved Orion Rocket launch

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