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New cosmic vision improves GPS satellite precision leaving atomic clock in the star dust

by Rus Abz 2011-05-09 13:32

GPS satellites are getting new "eyeglasses" to look deeper into cosmos seeking ways to provide a better precision to GPS receivers. Even thou the atomic clock  carried on board of ech gps satellite, would it be NASA or GLONASS, and even embedded as a tiny chip 

into most accurate gps receivers, gpsmap chartplotters has been a source of extremely accurate timing ticks for gps system, NASA scientists are looking into new ways to make gps even more precise. How? By giving each satellite new vision devices, readiotelescopes which can "lock an eye" on the extremely remote and bright cosmos objects.

The GPS "ephemeris" precision or, in simpler words, an exact point of satellite's orbital position, is the fundamental and extremely important accuracy building block for each and every satellite in the constellation as they constantly exchange positioning data to build the multi dimensional virtual model guiding the whole gps navigation system motion. Moreover, NASA's space flight research center recent findings indicate that not only the satellites position in relevance to the Earth, but Earth orientation in relevance to galaxy has to be precisely known to build in real time the gps virtual model in memory of data processing center array of supercomputers.

However, to reliably identify in the far space even an extremely bright quasar it is necessary to use very large radio telescopes size of soccer field each. Therefore gps satellites which send gps data streams to millions of the handheld gps receivers in use, observe quasars not directly with their own "eyes" but, indirectly receiving quasar data from the multitude of the Earth's radio telescopes synchronized and delivered through a quasar specific centralized processing centers.

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