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New generation of robotic assembly lines to help re-train and re-focus the workers of electronics industry

by gps4us news 2011-08-16 12:21


innovation robot assembly lineThe robotics assembly lines for the micro-miniature electronics including GPS systems target primarily military GPS equipment and related accessories including high sensitive small footprint antennas, which are used in the GPS navigational installations guiding navy missiles and unmanned aircraft. Recent growth of the civilian GPS systems available as embedded hardware platforms, coupled with smart software applications and real time topographic map providing services are finding the way not only in the dedicated GPS navigational solutions for civilian users, but also into wide base of personal portable communication devices such as iPhones and iPads and smartphones of all kinds. For example the GPS voice activated and touch-activated navigational devices find new market niche as they help blind and visually impaired people with health problems to find the way in busy metro intersections. With growing civilian GPS services consuming markets worldwide, supported by multiple GPS standardization approaches like GPSS and GLONASS, the GPS enabled gadgets require new ways of assembling and welding the micro miniature components of the GPS devices and wide variety of portable communication smart devices in mass production.  

It is estimated that a  million more precision assembly capable robots will soon be required to fulfill the personal communication gadgets in China alone, not to mention other high tech oriented countries involved in mass production of micro-miniature GPS enabled civilian navigational devices. The Robot Report publication covering news and analysis of the international robotics industry points to the health problems arising from the increasing hours or monotonous and tedious work the high tech assembly lines employees are suffering from. The preferred trend that many micro-miniature communication devices manufacturers around the world are taking is to re-train and switch assembly line employees away from the mind-numbing monotonous assembly-line operation patterns. innovation robot welding

The new concept's immediate goal is to re-train the workers off the assembly lines, and towards the higher skilled tasks, operations and jobs. After training with new skills employees can tune, reprogram and operate the robotic assembly and welding equipment. By moving workers up and providing employees with a new opportunities of better jobs the creativity component is introduced which allows to deploy the robotic solutions for the monotonous tasks and ensure the quality and durability of the smartphones, portable computers and GPS enabled navigational devices, like  iPhones and iPads, is significantly higher. At the same time the the industrial robot sector innovation with new approach to increase robotization will help keep the labor costs under control and improve efficiency of the business processes of the manufacturing facilities.   


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