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New superconducting quantum microcircuits open the way for the next generation supercomputers

by Russel 2011-09-06 17:37

Quantum SupercomputerScientists and physicists at UC Santa Barbara and the California Nano-Systems Institute, building upon the theory of quantum supercomputing, developed and successfully implemented the fully functional and novel hardware platform for the Quantum Integrated Circuit. The quantum platform is built of the superconducting quantum microcircuits cooled to low temperature. The quantum computer simplest integrated circuit has two bit operational architecture which consists of quantum bits - qubits basis for the quantum bus, quantum memory and exchange registers. The breakthrough approaches like suggesting the atomic antennas to exchange arrays of quantum information across vital sections of the novel quantum integrated circuit cells lead to the new opportunities to practically create the quantum integrated circuits for next generation of the quantum based super-computers.

quantum computing model

The computational speed and parallel computing capabilities of Quantum Integrated Circuit greatly exceeds that of currently used computers. The new quantum computer architecture opens new possibilities of simultaneous and parallel processing for the future supercomputers. The quantum computing innovation comes in line with the new standards for the future supercomputing technology. Advanced methods of quantum computing architecture and design joined with sophisticated experiments conducted by physicists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have led to the very low error rate of quantum computations. The low error rates achieved are enough to meet the theoretical requirements for building real life prototype of quantum computer utilizing the single beryllium ion qubit.

NIST scientists have achieved a record-low probability of error in quantum information processing with a single quantum bit, the qubit. The other branch of development and experimenting with the quantum supercomputing lead by researchers of the University of Innsbruck is to simulate any computing system including the one based on the superconducting quantum microcircuits. Physicists of the Institute for Quantum Optics and Information demonstrated an experimental universal digital quantum simulator allowing to simulate a virtual computing system complete on the quantum hardware platform. The virtual computing architecting, engineering and exploring of multiple parallel computational systems using the building blocks of a quantum super computer Lego for the simultaneous parallel simulation allows for simulation of larger computational ecosystem in nearest future.





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