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New trends in GPS satellite data application with Geospatial research to analyze Earth Climate Changes

by Russel 2011-06-23 16:03

Floating GPS navigator GPSMAP 78sc may be used by Geo/GPS researchers and scientistsMonitoring a geospatial evolution with revolutionary scientific research methodologies, such as complimenting the geospatial satellites with GPS satellites, allow geology historians and researchers utilize the most of both Geo data and GPS navigational data. (We covered earlier the news in using GPS navigational devices and GPS topographic cartography methods in earlier article (about using GPS technology in monitoring Earth Elasticity)

Accumulation and analysis of Geo/GPS mapped data helps Penn State and NASA scientists and researchers offer new and much deeper explanations of changing Earth climate. The Earth geospatial scientists have found new ways to use satellite imaging and monitoring methods together with global satellite positioning technology. Integrating together satellite systems on a broader scale allows to better monitor changes in the Earth’s climate over longer periods of time with exact GPS tracklog of the Earth surface areas affected by the climate changes. The GPS topographic and mapping capabilities help understand the Earth's geospatial evolution and revolution events, like critical shifting of crust and reasons for ice movement.

The new usage of the Global Satellite Positioning technology by Penn State and NASA geo-scientists allows to discover the relationships between temperature changes and Earth climate. Geo-spatial technology uses GPS satellites as a fundamental suite of tools allowing to study many things simultaneously. For example NASA Goddard Space Flight Center research scientists take geology spatial data enriched by GPS satellite topographic maps data in correlation with observations of the Earth vegetation index, rainfall and observations of the atmosphere. Put together these data streams allow to accumulate enough correlated multidimensional layers of Earth study information to create a super computer generated real time models. An outcome of the live models which take into account the Earth historical information as well is the understanding of currently observed impacts of Earth climate change. The next level of analysis leads to creating even more sophisticated models which, in turn, show clearly developing drought as just one example.

Monitoring Earth geological history answers critical questions about what is happening to Earth climate. How to predict the vegetation and rainfall changes, Earth ice coverage changes, speed of ice movement in Greenland, these and other problems could be approached with more confidence as Geo satellites and GPS satellites provide combined data which helps analyze why Earth global climate is changing and what to expect next. What causes the Earth warming is one question to answer. The temperature map stretched over the new dimension of time, which is possible to achieve by using the newest data mining algorithms against arrays of mapped Geo and GPS data.

Many GPS navigational devices provide wonderful high precision positioning readings and allow wirelessly transfer GPS readings to other devices or to-from the datacard. Some GPS navigators are capable to float in the water which makes them good candidates towards Geo/GPS scientists research process. We do carry a large variety of GPS devices and accessories in our online store stock.

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