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Newcoming Geocaching Enthusiasts and GPS Pros enjoy Garmin GPSMAP 62s with Wireless Chirp Beacon gear pack

by Rusti 2011-07-15 13:08


Garmin gpsmap 62s perfect geocaching GPS handheld

Geocaching Fun attracts newcomers regardless of age and profession. 

GARMIN GPSMAP 62 for geocaching and outdoor activities

The key is "outdoor". People get bored with endless stream of TV, computer, radio ads rich content and just want to breathe fresh air and touch the live tree or watch real sunrise and sunset at least once in lifetime. Still often we, the metro-urban kids, feel safe only with cellphone or smartphone in one hand and the GPS outdoor navigational device in the other. Otherwise the most people these days are afraid to go outside their home or car, especially alone. But Geocaching became the perfect catalyst to fight the fear of loneliness and fear of being on the open air in the wilderness because you are not alone - there are hundreds or thousands of people around the Globe who are seriously full-free time in the geocaching treasures hide and hunt using their proven and reliable GPS gear packs. 

Geocaching enthusiasts from kid to senior hide big and tiny containers with toys or even containers inside containers with trinkets and funny characters, CD-s, letters to the world, mini-treasures like rare coins, anything which is fun and surprise. The places vary from bushes or lamp polls at parking lots, to city parks, to woods, to anywhere in the world as far as your fantasy can go when you are outside at the nature scene. Then you use your smartphone or computer at hand if you have internet connectivity in the wilderness or once returned home: you just upload your hide treasure Global GPS Coordinates to,, very popular or, as well as many other geocaching-friendly community sites (and even your own blog) to let others know where the cool stuff is hidden.

We have noticed the growing popularity of Garmin's GPSMAP 62 family of outdoor handheld devices bought, in many cases for geocaching trips as powerful and convenient geocaching GPS gear pack. GpsMap 62s is often bought with accessories including Garmin Wireless Chirp geocaching beacon. Which makes it a perfect gift to anyone who is in treasure hide and hunt fun, would it be a veteran Geocaching "professional" or her kid who traveled with mom a lot but is just dreaming about his first independent outdoor hunt for the next GPS coordinates mark-up treasure on the geocacher's website topo map. There is a reason why Garmin's GPSMAP 62s always is getting a full Five Star rating from all our Valued Customers. This GPS handheld is truly awesome. As the rest of GpsMap 62 family products in the family line, the GARMIN GPSMAP 62s, GPSMAP 62sc, GPSMAP 62st and GPSMAP 62stc especially when fully armed with seamlessly coupling geocaching accessories, like wireless chirp beacon and more. We are glad the gps4us online store become a source of perfect gifts to many geocaching adventurers. Happy GPS-Geo-Hunting! And, for those of us who watches the GPS leadership market the latest chart GRMN:

GRMN Friday 2011 07 15 daily at

GRMN daily chart STOCKCHARTS.COM snapshot as of 2001-07-15

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