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Next generation Garmin GPS devices help geological methodology applications to gather GPS data for Earth three dimensional elasticity

by Rusti 2011-06-13 16:35


In the news revealing the Earth's elasticity breakthrough applications which use the GPS devices, similar to the next generation Garmin (GRMN) global positioning system devices.  Among them there are several models applicable for wireless integration with on the road and on the water GPS driven applications, including stationary and auto or marine dynamic, the rugged all weather floating GPS data collection devices. With such a precise and reliable GPS gadgets as GpsMap 78sc series the new GPS usage trends has been discovered by restless researchers at the California Institute of Technology.

GARMIN GPSMAP 78s floats on the water

GPS tracking and navigation techniques became a vital part of new coming methodology which finds its ways to understand The Planet Earth interior and exterior: including ground, nautical - oceanic and atmospheric structural architecture realms. GPS devices have a significant impact on creating an improved 3D images of Earth's surface and deep under the crust core structures, as these are affected by ocean waves. Here come handy GPS floating devices, rugged, all weather and extremely precise like GpsMap 78sc which is among the best GPS devices to help scientific research of this kind.

How would the GPS satellite signal from far orbit penetrate into the deep canyon? We know that GPS satellite signal can not penetrate the Earth crust, but, ocean waves, affect the Earth crust, so floating on the waters GPS devices can collect and transfer GPS data to the Earth structure modeling and processing center, where math algorithms and supercomputers complete build of a 3D image of Earth deep structure 3D "breathing" real time model.

International scientific institutions with the help of Seismological, Geological and Planetary Sciences foundations, get head efforts together to support the new methodology, originated in the USA and Japan, and being developed as we speak for gathering data from arrays of Global Positioning System devices, floating and placed stationary on the surface, to help create the 3D topographic map (topo map).

3D Earth seismo model

Real time data from GPS satellite systems is gathered from numerous GPS receivers (for simplicity could be thought as a bigger scale geocaching treasure hunting game popular among geocaching enthusiasts hunting for GPS chirp beacons.) Then GPS data is deciphered and collected in centralized information processing center and then streamed into quantitative and qualitative sophisticated measurement algori

thms to discover the Earth's structural responsiveness to the movements of ocean tides. They place a large stress on Earth coastal and ocean floor surfaces. The 3D model of variations in oceanic level and causing oscillating load on the earth, as discovered by GPS navigator-assisted research is built and analyzed by geology scientists.

Therefore ability to timely receive, estimate and measure the gps information to fill and solve matrices of separation of the magnitude of the effects of Earth responsiveness and the density properties (which may aid in control of the speed of seismic waves) to further have a handle control for active response when an ocean pressure  forces are applied, and rendered in three dimensional model of the so called Earth's elastic moduli, is representing a major breakthrough in the scientific methodology of understanding the Mother Earth "breathing" seismological mechanisms.

GPS technology, originally created for military sub marine and aerospace applications and being kept secret up until past decade, becomes an innovation to explore Earth’s external and internal structures, surface and depths of the oceans and undergrounds. GPS art and science is used to to measure Earth's seismological and geological properties including density and elasticity at its most fundamental levels. GPS helps discover vital seismology properties to dig for most sensitive specific combinations of geophysical elastic moduli properties. The new GPS aided knowledge may be immediately applied to building safer architectural structures, bridges and smart buildings capable to better withstand effects of tsunami and earthquakes.

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