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Researching new Marine Platform of Volvo Penta and Garmin navigation and communication alliance

by gps4us news 2011-05-24 10:24

It was awhile since Garmin (NASDAQ: GRMN) and Volvo (Ticker: VOLVY and VOLVB:SS) earlier this year joined their best and brightest alliance effort to start strategic work creating all new concept of  Marine Instrumentation, Navigation and Communication equipment. So far we have not been seeing too much of the information along the road of the alliance works, and this is understandable, as this is the new era in providing newest platform for marine boating and sailing. The marine command center suite of instrumentation, navigation and communication equipment for power boats and sail yachts is so complicated that no doubt it will be built as modular Lego, built from existing wind vane, reliable Course Compass Unit (CCU) and new marine devices to be created by the alliance.

This new alliance moves Garmin and Volvo Penta together into the internationally capable and available concept, the so called "One-Stop Shop" in the marine industry including power boat and sail yacht engines, marine drive-lines and on-board nautical system solutions for marine command center array of instruments and navigation means. It is very convenient for the customers as this architectural strategy simplifies their search for one stop solution. It also creates a win-win situation on top of an important advantages for boat builders, dealers and, once again the end users would it be a new boat or used one being remodeled.

Garmin-Volvo Penta

Firstly, working on a multifunction display bluechart enabled chartplotters and sonars integration for power boats and sail yachts, Garmin and Volvo Penta have introduced the GHP 10V autopilot system targeting and tuned for the Volvo IPS drive, and it was a success. As to the next step we can get some clues looking at the image available at the announcement time. One can notice the Forerunner 610 like wristwatch on the captain's hand. For marine system architect it may be easy enough to make a not so wild but technically obvious guess about the communication part of the marine alliance platform. No wonder as the wrist gps Forerunner 610 can stand up to rain, sweat and salty splashes, yet it’s touch-screen is sensitive enough for sailor to operate the wrist watch even wearing all weather gloves. The new Forerunner is packed with multifunctional array of sensors from traditional heart rate monitor to more versatile to be presumably added for the marine version. 

Volvo powered boat with Garmin GPS



Forerunner 610 not only senses your heart but, in the opposite direction, offers the vibration alerts, which you can sense. These alerts are currently customizable for time, distance, calories, heart rate or cadence. Imagine the next step in marine-specific edition and how this alert could be helping the captain on the power boat, one more step and when you reach your target in marine racing, you feel a gentle vibration while the boat engine is roaring. Let's wait while the next generation Forerunner will start bidirectional communication with the other components, including marine maps and charts (also bluechart and topo maps) guided devices of the Garmin NMEA 2000 Marine Network controlling your Volvo powered boat and sail yacht with the touch of your wristwatch screen.



We carry wide variety of Marine GPS devices and accessories easily pluggable into the Garmin and NMEA 2000 compatible Marine Command Center installation, and, if you are interested in this topic, we do have more information available about the new marine network architecture in our article: "GPS Devices integrate seamlessly with new Garmin NMEA Marine Network Architecture".








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