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Tension builds as Russia threatens to shut down U.S. GPS stations

by GPS4US 2014-05-14 10:31

And now, navigation systems are part of international posturing.

So, Russia appears to be miffed that the United States refuses to allow them to build a signal
correction station for its GLONASS satellite system on U.S soil.  In turn, Russia announces – in
unconfirmed reports – that it will shut down the 11 American-run GPS stations within its borders on
June 1. Russia is also threatening to stop supplying rocket engines that United States uses to launch
military satellites into orbit, Gizmodo reports.

Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin also announced that Russia is denying the American’s
request to use the International Space Station past 2020. That comes,  apparently, in response to trade
sanctions levied by the U.S. in response to forcible annexation of Crimea.

As for the GPS stations, Rogozin says they’re on Russian soil under agreements in 1993 and 2001.

“Under this agreement, there are 11 GPS stations on the territories of 10 (Russian federal) subjects,”
Rogozin said, adding that Moscow and Washington have until May 31 to agree where to set GLONASS
stations in the united States.

“We’re starting negotiations which will last for three months. We hope that by the end of summer, these
talks will bring a solution that will allow our cooperation to be restored on the basis of parity and
proportionality,” Rogozin said.

However, if that doesn’t happen, GPS stations will be shut down on Sept. 1.

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