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The 570 DI Portable Sonar reveals new qualities of Humminbird Down and Side Imaging technology

by Rus Abz 2011-06-28 11:51

The Humminbird side imaging sonar is a revolutionary sonar technology that makes your quality time on the water safe and productive. The task of locating and targeting fish becomes much easier. Side imaging sonar adds new dimensions in comparison to the typical sonar which looks straight down below the marine vessel. Side imaging sonar generates the thin vertical beam cutting water down and to the sides of the boat.  It projects up to 240 feet on  each side totaling 480 feet of  side to side coverage. The side imaging sonar compiles high quality images which looks like camera photographs. The difference is sonar images do not depend on presence of light they are as accurate in complete darkness and even in the muddy waters.

Obstacles are revealed clear and realistic "as is" on the portable sonar screen, would they be natural underwater structures,  submerged wreckage – sank boats, automobiles, and even schools of fish show up clearly in Humminbird ( Humminbird of Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics, Inc. (JOUT) ) side imaging sonar returns decoded and displayed on the large screen. Combination of high power 4000 Watts impulse of the high resolution dual beam down imaging sonar technologies working together with excellent display quality take the guesswork out of sonar assisted fish finding process. And it does not matter how deep or how shallow the waters are, even in 2 to 3 deep water side imaging sonar image accuracy is high.

Fishfinder Humminbird 570 DI portable sonar

Newly updated for this year the Humminbird fishfinder family of enhanced down-and-side imaging products, which includes, as one example, the new 570 DI Portable Sonar featuring a high resolution 12 level gray-scale 640V x 320H 5-inch screen. This portable sonar employs the best of the DualBeam PLUS™ and Down Imaging™ sonar technologies with high wattage PTP power output into the beams. The product line includes the  Metric and International versions of this portable sonar too. With down imaging side imaging sonar you will always get a complete 180 degree picture quality views created by the thin slices of sequence of the high frequency sound waves returned to create precision below and on the sides underwater snapshots.  Down Imaging coupled with side imaging improves the fishfinder capabilities for easy locating and targeting fish. With the Down and Side Imaging technologies you can be confident in seing every detail below your boat: timber, brush, bridge pilings, rocks and any other underwater structure, as they are revealed with stunning detail on your Humminbird fishfinder sonar display as your vessel is safely patroling the muddy waters.



Humminbird side imaging video

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