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The GPS miracle of tracking your pets

by GPS4US 2013-11-19 14:40

When they get out, dogs can wander. And, aside from canvassing the neighborhood and posting signs on
telephone poles, there isn’t much an owner can do to find them. Well, at least until recently.

So that got us thinking about the ways that GPS technology can help dog owners locate their lost best
friends. Some companies insert GPS trackers underneath their dog’s skin. But those measures aren’t
always available or logical for the family dog.

 Garmin has taken the lead in the market, releasing DC 50 dog collar for the Astro 320  over the
summer.  The Astro 320 and DC 50 can track up to 10 dogs within a 9 mile radius. The bundle also uses
a high-sensitivity GPS receiver to track your dog’s location up to every five seconds. So that means
you’ll know where your dog is at all times. It’s amazing, really, that satellite technology can help
you find your lost dog in an instant.

 “From more reliable satellite reception to a more rugged design, the new DC 50 gives sporting dog
owners what they’ve been asking for,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin’s vice president of worldwide sales,
upon the release of the DC 50 in July.  “The new DC 50 has the features that will bring the benefits
of GPS tracking to first-time users, and will convince existing Astro customers to upgrade.”

The Astro 320 and DC 50 bundle is ideal for hunters whose dogs are not only their best friends, but
also their key to a successful outing. Knowing exactly where your dogs are at all times not only helps
your hunt, but also gives you peace of mind that you’re mitigating and potential harm they may come

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