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The latest news in smart Gps Quad Helix antenna design make you feel your GXM 30 is outdated

by Russel 2011-06-05 05:28

The latest news in Quad Helix antennas design performed by Garmin (GRMN) for the new line of GPS navigators are the new step in technology which has been improved dramatically since the introduction of famous GXM 30 or GXM 30A and GXM 40 smart antennas. The Quad Helix design leads the GPS adventurer to consider the new line of Rino 610, Rino 650 and Rino 655t  GPS navigators in the light of the Global positioning technology antennas improvements. Every time we see the announcement of the new GPS technology tweak it is good to check with fundamental concepts well defined by Wikipedia (these folks are awesome: for example the wonderful 3D animation of the satellite constellation visibility from the gps device, including newly uplifted internet face of the GLONASS, system with complete listing of currently operational Russian GPS satellites, along with in depth drill down in fundamentals and theory of global positioning systems). GLONASS is supported in the newest devices from Garmin. The GPS microchips from Fastrax support not only Russian  and USA  but also Japanese  and . This way it is easy to understand how the new technology is affecting you, as human on the one hand, and as a user of gps suite of services and devices, on the other.

To answer a question we have performed a research from the ground up, and, as often happens, the Wikipedia GPS article was a wonderful source to understand the foundation of the gps technology, to furthermore, help our clients to make a decision on new technology importance for the long-term perspective, and about either spending more money on the redesign of Gps antenna installation, or keep the old one which will may work just fine with new step in technology news. With new technology there are several key questions to ask, to eliminate the "buzz" and clarify the true values. An innovative smart antenna must provide multiple accuracies. Does it result in a system with true investment to keep its value while increasing ROI of your business?

For example when the new array of gps smart antennas, including, as just one example, a rugged, all-in-one Garmin (GRMN) GXM 40 smart antenna new design arrives we have to look at the fundamentals of the technology and its practical outcome. In this case once new design hit the market, we have got calls from many customers asking if they have to upgrade their existing GXM 30 or GXM 30A installations to be able to take advantage of the additional Gps streams of newly launched satellites.

Quick answer is "yes" the advanced gxm40 will work with a gps device which arrived to you from Garmin or, happened to be Kenwood installation containing in-the-box either gxm30 or gxm30A satellite traffic receivers (by the way magnet mount does not count :), but seriously, it may take a whole new post to write about mix and match of Kenwood DNX, Kenwood KVT, Kenwood DDX and Garmin gps traffic receiver including Navteq enabled gtm-10, gtm-11 and Kenwood G510 or G610.

My apologies to folks who called asking questions about gxm40, gtm11 and newest Magellan line of gps technology products compatibility (not to confuse with those who asked about new "Strait of Magellan" blue charts), we will address your requests here, at column as soon as possible.

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