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Triathlete best practices artificial intelligence leads "Evolta" baby-robot to conquer Ironman Triathlon

by Rusti 2011-09-15 13:48

Tomotaka Takahashi and his new TriAthlete Robot

Tomotaka Takahashi, the restless creator of unique lines of humanoid robots and the founder of Japan Kyoto University's "Robo Garage", stretches his new "Evolta" miniature baby robot advanced power management and artificial intelligence abilities to challenge one of the the most difficult triathlon routes, the Ironman Triathlon course in Hawaii. The Guinness Book of World Records keeps the record for the longest lasting batteries powered the previous Tomotaka Takahashi's champion robot which managed to independently climb one of the highest Grand Canyon cliff walls three and a half years ago. Previously the Matsushita Electric partnership with Tomotaka Takahashi revealed, at the time, the 4.5-ounce 6.7-inch mountain climber robot   powered by two Panasonic Evolta batteries. The climber robot used a string to ascend the 1500-ft. cliff vertical in less than 7 hours. The new toy size Japanese robot, the "Evolta", continues to build a new history of success stories after driving the Le Mans race track for the whole day and night, and later walking more than 300 miles from Tokyo to Kyoto, from modern to  ancient Japanese capital. 

The Panasonic company news conference was held in Tokyo announcing the newest "Evolta" 20-inch robot which has three facets of unified yet flexible design to embark for new records as the "pro" of toy size robot's triathlon. The "Evolta" will act as swimmer, biker and runner - three in one smart triathlete   with 24 by 7 champ lifestyle completely powered by three AA-size rechargeable Evolta batteries. The first robot is biking a tiny bicycle, the second is running a round hoop, and the swimming one looks like a dolphin. This time the innovative robotic platform is backed by electronics from Panasonic the firm which this time stands behind the power gear of the new robot. The mini triathlete "Evolta"toy size robot will challenge the serious sports course which is very tough even for a professional human triathlete sportsman. The toy size robot will have to swim, run and bike non stop for about a week covering more than 140 miles to cross the triathlon finish line.  

Among best kept secret mysteries of the new "Evolta" baby robot triathlete is the sophisticated artificial intelligence behind the robot's ability to act as humanoid triathlete, the swimmer, biker and runner, always unmistakeably choosing the most favorable path through the challenging triathlon course. To overcome difficulties on the road and on the water tracks and make smart decisions about current high precision longitude, latitude and elevation parameters, the information which is available from the GPS navigational services and GPS navigation receivers with sophisticated processing algorithms. The robot has to the adopt in real time to changing temperature and moisture conditions to  avoid wasting the precious power of the batteries and optimize management of all on-board resources. The creator of the "Evolta" robot Tomotaka Takahashi is sure in solid design of his new robot utilizing the best of previous innovations and achievements. Even that the robot will encounter a lot of hardships on its way, it has enough built in artificial intelligence to make sure the new three-facet baby robot will overcome them all and succeed in the end.


Photo By Reuters/YURIKO NAKAO (robot swims)

Photo By Reuters/YURIKO NAKAO (robot bikes)

Photo By Reuters/YURIKO NAKAO (robot runs)

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