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Voice activated Garmin nuvi GPS navigator awaits Braille Active Muscles Display integration to help Blind People

by Rus Abz 2011-06-08 09:55

New developments and new trends are taken by leaders 

GARMIN nuvi 3790T voice activated to help blind people

in GPS technology such as Garmin (GRMN), Midland, Furuno and other high tech labs, like NASA, or visionaries in GPS Topographic Maps like Google Maps, and smart phone based GPS devices. Such trends in the future may help achieve a symbiosis with Braille active matrix 3D display driven by Artificial Muscles, as one example, along with advanced bidirectional Voice Direction activation, to help Blind people. So far Voice activated "speaking" Gps navigators have been used by visually impaired and blind people to find their way across busy intersections.  As  this new trend in health care sector seem to advance, we are glad to see examples of using Voice Activated devices like nuvi GPS for example, together with fully supported Topographic Maps effort, as well as Google Maps latest developments, as base for GPS software developers to create and promote many useful GPS applications for smartphones, including applications helping Blind and Visually Impaired people.

Gps device Voice Activated helps Blind people

With better and brighter touchscreens and advanced user interfaces not nesessarily visible, but with touch-able responsiveness, the new generation of iPhone-like smartphones may have wonderful perspective to help Blind and Visually Impaired people by speaking directions and providing touch-and-feel by fingers upon a Braille active matrix (with controlled surface of tiny pins or other active electromechanical or piezoelectric elements to create touch-recognizable Braille map) surface active interactive display. Hopefully such an interactive display will become available as wireless plug-in to voice activated GPS navigator like nuvi 1490LMT  or similar GPS capable smartphone.

May be the dream can soon come true with steps towards having GPS receiver chip and satellite antenna to be embedded into some smartphones, like iPhone (phone tech geek rumor is Gps chip is in it.) Most often blind and visually impaired people in city busy environment rely on great helper friend dog and traditional cane, but technically there is no limitations in providing more help from voice directions and fingers feel upon Braille pin-matrix shaping 3D topographic map on surface of interactive touchable display, built by

Braille Active Display concept

smartphone brains. Sophisticated algorithms take satellite Gps data stream and stretch it upon precise map. The person location is Gps pinpointed on the map in real time.

The iPhone interacts with the owner via Bluetooth earphone-mike and touch-responsive  palm size 3D matrix display, conveniently carried in shirt pocket, on the belt clip, or embedded in handler of the cane interacting with the palm and fingers. Smartphone downloads detailed map over 3g, edge, wifi or other available networks in real time. Latest topographic data is available from Garmin, Navionics, MapTrax, DeLome, Lowrance and Humminbird topo and bluechart providers. Satellite positioning data streams from broadcasting satellites i

n the GPS constellation. A sophisticated algorithms combine Gps tracking device data and maps to build precise 3D surface on the finger-touch 3D display matrix.

Smartphone like iPhone (iPod counts too) or Android may recognize voice commands to provide precise audio directions guidance through busy metro intersections. Latest achievemnts in Gps antenna coupled with navigational receiver chip technology now allow reliable reception even in dense skyscraper metro canyons of big cities.

Streetpilot tracker application to help blind people

Gps-topo-map audio software is in works with early examples like

Garmin Tracker, and transformation of popular Garmin StreetPilot Gps navigator device "translated" from popular gps gadget into iPhone StreetPilot application with audio guidance capabilities, now available from iTunes. Would it be Garmin GPS voice activated navigator, or Gps-enabled smartphone, the GPS device with the 3D Braille active display is making first experimental steps in high tech Labs, to further widen a generic GPS device and suite of services towards improvement of GPS device functionality and quality of services.

This will help not only Blind and Visually Impaired people, but also people suffering from Alzheimer disease. NASA continues work to introduce production capable prototype of the dielectric elastomer Electro Active Polymers (EAP) based refreshable Braille display. Generally the so called Responsive On Touch or ROT 3D active surfaces coupling with the GPS handheld navigator technology slowly but surely shows progress in number of patents and improvement of interactive communication for blind person using EAP technology as the bridge between sensitive skin receptors and directional path or trail on topographic map served by GPS technology.

Braille Active technology by NASA




Please note: we have a new article-update to Garmin StreetPilot for Windows Phone.


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