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Voice activated driver safety GPS assisted navigational systems evolve into Cloud Computing

by Rus Abz 2011-09-16 13:03


Voice activated safe drive assist navigatorThe new vision for next generation vehicle driver assistant control, navigational and safety support center has more major requirements to fulfill. The new helper system must be always on and connected to cloud computing key utility services, including sources of traffic control, vehicle health, GPS navigational and emergency assistance information. The advanced control, navigational and safety support center should recognize the driver voice and generate voice directions, and recognize, connect and communicate in real time with the other vehicles equipped with similar systems.  The voice recognition activated vehicle control center helps you keep your eyes on the road while in the car, or on the water while on the boat, and stay connected to your personalized world and critical safety information.Rockwell 1996 Trekker voice activated wearable hands free solution

Hands free voice activated wearable portable devices allowing the user to receive visual and voice instructions while safely driving the vehicle, aircraft or marine powerboat, or performing any other work  with both hands, are represented by famous the Rockwell's “Trekker” and the Xybernaut's “HMD”. These wearable solutions with panoramic micro monitor which gives the illusion of a floating screen in front of the user's face, became the major milestones on the way to the creation the concept of voice activated vehicle operator or driver safety first and hands free cyber assistant.

Voice recognition makes it most natural in any language. Just tell the assistant computer to make calls hands-free, find and play your favorite music, get precise location information from GPS navigational satellites, transformed automatically into human directions and provided to you as turn-by-turn spoken direction. The points of interest, places to have rest, discover the best local restaurant or coffee shop, to walk into the mall or supermarket, find a movie theater or museum. All requests are seamlessly processed through friendly voice recognition and synthesizing vehicle's control center driver assistant computer.

Leading vehicle manufacturers recognize the need for vehicle owner advanced services. For example, following success of the Lexus and Toyota voice-activated HDD Navigation System, Japan car manufacturers continue innovation path by engineering the newest voice recognition and response activated GPS enabled navigational systems for cloud computing. Tn the U.S. and worldwide Ford is finalizing the implementation of its the "SYNC" voice activated vehicle control and driver assist system. The “SYNC” new features include vehicle health report, phone, availability of extra services upon driver's smartphone or personal communicator pairing with “SYNC”,  advanced voice activated GPS navigation system turn-by-turn directions, business search, road hazard warnings, health and safety information.

The new safe features of the vehicle command center do not distract from driving, and are fully voice enabled. The driver and passengers will have an option to bring the personal communicator device into the vehicle and get connected instantly, making the personal communicator part of the vehicle's command center computing power and communicative fabric. That is enormous task in term of unified interfaces standardization adoption by diverse manufacturers and service providers  and cross industry unification . The communication includes not only interfacing and communication within the internal vehicle's on board network, but, also communication to other vehicles. It will help traffic flowing smoother and introduce the smart parking feature which allows the GPS guided navigation not only to the destination address, but provides the most suitable parking options, the GPS assisted smart parking, your best parking options in close proximity to your destination. The vehicles are connected together and to the suite of cloud computing services allowing to materialize the orchestrated vehicle traffic and safety services via the cloud computing utility providers, the hybrid clouds. Both the utility services consumer and hybrid cloud services provider landscape are shaping up in parallel. 

Consumer vault, automotive vault, the unified consumer personal communicator fit within the next generation vehicle onboard command center voice activated computing platform, and utilities and services provider architectures, along with the new applications to be developed are on the cutting edge of the new vision. The hybrid clouds become real with the federal government overseeing the hybrid cloud computing related new updates to legislation. The cloud utility services are evolving into new distributed and interconnected architecture  affecting everything from application development to data center design in the back end. On the front, automotive manufacturers are establishing new vehicle development and vehicle management paradigms for the customers buying new vehicles to drive for the next 5 years or longer to be sure their personal communicator smartphone, tablet, GPS handheld will seamlessly integrate with the new vehicle voice activated driver assistant command center, all together providing hands free connection with the cloud services for safe and most enjoyable driving experience.  

Voice activated vehicle GPS assisted safety control system

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