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Windshield projection technology renders GPS navigation route for safer driving

by Rusti 2011-12-21 11:21

Windshield flight projectorWindshield three dimensional rendering technology for pilots and captains which was introduced first for military aircraft and navy marine navigation systems is gradually becoming available for the wider general consumer market. Car manufacturers begin to introduce the commercial GPS enabled three dimensional navigation system in latest automobile prototypes. Driving directions appear in three dimensions on car windshield as you are driving, making it very easy for the driver to keep eyes on the road. Developed for the fighter jets, the technology helps avoid the situation when pilot experiences blind flight time gap while checking reading of flight instrumentation, GPS navigation system or other gauges. Applied to the car for enhanced readability and safety the augmented reality heads-up rendering technology lets driver read speedometer and other instruments in full color spectrum along with true three dimensional GPS guidance and night vision technology. Addition of color and true 3D takes the navigation system capabilities several steps further with a three-dimensional line projected throughout the windshield to guide your route.  

Windshield projector increases night driving safetyThe windshield projection technology also allows for rich media applications, with restaurants, hospitals, gas stations and other points of interest, highlighted on vehicle windshield. The windshield projector displays topographic maps along with relevant driving information such as speed, navigation cues and the current gear, all right there on the windshield, at eye level, so checking the instrument cluster doesn't mean taking your eyes off the road. Safety gains are critical as even a split second makes a difference while driving through busy city areas as slow as 20 miles per hour. Your vehicle covers about 50 feet in the moment it takes to check the speedometer. That means the vehicle is driven blind for that distance in a crowded urban area. The projection windshield display also lessens eye fatigue since the driver doesn’t have to switch from close-range to remote vision, and adapts to surroundings by adjusting light levels for the same reason. 

windshield rendering technologyThe true three dimensional rendering system introduces a unique take on significant improvement of safety by projecting a virtual cable onto the windshield to track the landscape and show the driver his navigation route calculated based on the information received from the car GPS navigation system. The system could be also integrated with night vision sensors, laser and ultrasonic improving safety of driving at night, in fog and rain.  Although true three dimensional projection technology has matured new features are constantly introduced. The proposed augmentations include speedometer and tachometer readings, rpm, gear, lap-time predictor and radar detector warnings, as well as true mapping of points of interest, along with virtual road and building signs. 

Conventional GPS receivers and even more sophisticated systems like marine chartplotters and multi functional displays render detailed two-dimensional topographic maps and are usually installed on the side not close to the center of the dashboard due to larger size of the chartplotter or GPS navigator display. It presents a distinct lag time between checking for directions and getting back to focusing on the road.

windshield projection HUD

The virtual cable technology with an embedded GPS system projects the route hundreds of yards into the distance, above eye-level traffic, using foreshortening for a naturalistic and unobtrusive perspective. Safety comes first and the windshield three dimensional GPS navigation projection system serves for increased safety in the first hand. Additionally it could also extend its capabilities to add to the virtual dashboard readings of the next-generation infotainment systems.

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