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Wisconsin wildlife center hoping to use GPS to track rehabilitated birds

by GPS4US 2013-12-06 14:56

After helping out injured raptors such as eagles and hawks, a Madison, Wisc., group is hoping to use
GPS to track the birds’ safety and health.

The Four Lakes Wildlife center is hoping to secure $40,000 by May 2014 to tag released birds with GPS
units to continuously update the center on the well-being of their feathered friends.

When it comes to research within wildlife rehabilitation, however, specialists in our field come up
short,” Jackie Edmunds, a wildlife coordinator with the center, wrote on the center’s blog.
“Specifically, there are far too few rehabilitators that ask the simple question: ‘how well does our
patient perform after release?’ Release is the most exciting part of our job – we may spend weeks,
months or even years of effort devoted to a single animal, and our goal is to bring them back to full
health to perform in the wild as if they had never been received by our facility in the first place.
How many rehabilitators know how to answer that one questions? Currently, we assume
‘happily-ever-after’ in most cases.”

Hence the need for the GPS tagging after weeks and months of rehabilitating a bird. The information
could be used to educate the center on the most effective treatments, and allow them to more smartly
allocate funds.

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