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Yellow Pages farewell memories with Compass and Topo map capable smartphone in your palm

by gps4us news 2011-04-28 11:37

Observing recent events on gps technology horizon i go back in time when we would spend an effort searching thick yellow pages book delivered to the door before leaving for a drive downtown. Now we get capricious;) No more printed volumes, it is all about having a sleek thin bright screen Gps enabled device, like iPhone or Android in your shirt pocket. In any unfamiliar area looking for a neighborhood FedEx or Ups office to receive your last delivery from us, With iPhone Maps and Compass software it takes a touch of the screen to pin-point your location on a latest update of topo map so you can find out how to get to point "B" from point "A". 

Even while cruising on the boat so you can easily connect your marine waterproof Lowrance dock station to an iPod or iPhone. On the ground, in the air or on the water, in almost any unfamiliar area, excluding only deep canyons, as from the deep bottom Gps constellation of satellites is not reachable, iPhone 4 pinpoints your current location accurately using a combination of Gps, Wi-Fi, and cellular networks providing invisible streams of data analyzed by iPhone gps capable brains. As you walk or drive the smart iPhone algorithms embedded in tiny chips and in software engine  track and display in real time your current location auto-magically. Being a pioneer to discover new valuable location upon your arrival feel free to "Like it" and share with your friends by dropping a "pin-mark" of the destination to send it out via email or embedded multimedia messaging service.

Still i keep my Yellow Pages printed volume as a rarity;) Not to mention good friend Garmin nuvi in my four wheel drive glovebox  to help me get where noone has gone before when it comes to next weekend trip in the wilderness.

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