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Your Destiny It Is Yoda says so Feel The Force of the Musical Triumph at GPS guided safe arrival

by Russel 2011-08-02 13:53


Yoda Force for Global Positioning SystemsYoda takes a new space trip from TomTom GPS devices to Garmin GPS navigators like automobile oriented nuvi family. Would it bring the GPS Star Wars into a new spiral of the GPS force battle is to be seen. So far it may indicate the leading GPS companies recognition of the audience shifting to accommodate a family oriented, at least when the whole family is taking a weekend trip for geocaching adventure fun. Kids would love to hear their Star Wars hero helping mom or dad drive the family car safely towards destination. Certainly it is easy to feel the force behind the voice coming from the speakers of the family GPS guided vehicle on its way outdoors. 

Yoda voice for GPS safe guidance

George Lucas originated the creation and transformation of Anakin Skywalker character into Darth Vader Star Wars core character in part along the lines of the Old Testament foundation put onto the canvas of the science fiction and future technology. The impact this approach is stunning as it continuously sparkles new ways in which it affects our and our kids everyday life, in cinema, at home theater, in the family car, or through toys. Our children toys speak Yoda and now our dad's and mom's toys, which include smartphones and GPS devices helping us drive our families, are speaking Yoda voice for safe GPS directions. 

The cutting edge of the technology realm which is simultaneously absorbing and promoting all facets of modern technology driven culture, including visual art, electronics, computers, movies, television filled with all kinds of genres and even politics. And now Yoda voice continues his journey into the GPS guided world to establish a balance with fallen into the dark side of the Force Anakin Skywalker' voice on GPS navigational automotive and handheld devices. The Lucas Yoda character's voice leads GPS navigational system to safe arrival to the destination and it is celebrated by the powerful musical triumph which all family - mom and dad and kids in the family car would applause. With cheerful uplift after long journey for the whole family walk out of the car, breathe fresh air of the mountain forest and begin the geocaching picknick arrangements. 


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