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Your old car’s GPS may be a goldmine for crooks

by GPS4US 2013-11-14 14:40

Perhaps you had a GPS system built into your old car.

It was pretty convenient, right? Just sitting next to the radio, waiting for you to enter your next

However, you should beware of a common mistake people make when they move on to a newer car. Many don’t
bother wiping clean their outgoing car’s GPS system, leaving them vulnerable to thieves who can easily
access the information.

St. Louis television station KSDK recently did a story on the topic, finding it easy to locate home
addresses and other information from GPS systems inside used cars. One unit directed them to a
steakhouse and a home address. Another showed them a catholic girls school and directions to a home in
a ritzy suburb.

KSKK examined 12 cars, and found identifying information in nine of their GPS units. They even drove to
one person’s address, and opened their garage door using codes they found inside the GPS.

And crooks know all too well how to do that too. In fact, it’s easy. The information isn’t even hidden.
It’s on the GPS for anyone to see.

So, when you turn in your old car, remember to wipe clean all of your GPS information. However, it may
be even safer to use a detached GPS unit, such as the Garmin nuvi, which you can transport from car to
car and keep in your possession without worrying about the dangers that await once you upgrade your car.

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