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iPhone Owners Will Enjoy A NewTomTom App

by diane 2010-03-17 05:41

Google Local Search and HD Traffic have been ported from the company's line of dedicated personal navigation devices. Local Search as the name suggests allows you to search Google within the app and then have that address automatically set as a navigation point.
Search near me, search in a city, search near home or search near a destination are all available and it certainly saves you a lot of time jumping between the iPhone's browser and the TomTom  for iPhone app.
The search interface is simple to use and you see the relevant information like the address, where it is on the map, and a phone number for you to press to ring. Any additional information is also shown on a separate connected page.
Where Local Search comes in handy is when you are looking for a specific hotel, restaurant or car dealership for example, as chances are, Google knows where it is. As we've said, Local Search is just one of the big hitters here for version 1.3, however it's also the one that's free.
HD Traffic, TomTom's fantastic traffic service that, through a number of different methods, monitors road usage and can then help you avoid traffic jams altogether, is now included. The service, which will be based on users opting in to a subscription model, will come in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly packages with drivers able to buy the extra feature via the app to use straight away.
Once you've opted to go HD Traffic then the app gets to work making sure you are not going to get stuck in a jam. Like other HD Traffic ready devices in the TomTom range, a ruler on the right-hand side of the screen shows possible trouble spots on your journey and then gives you the option to avoid.
Elsewhere music playback, which was added to version 1.2, will now fade in and out when instructions are given enabling you to hear what's going on.
Other features include automatic day/night mode based on sunrise/sunset times rather than actual light available, and of course the promise of the latest map data from TomTom owned Tele Atlas.
TomTom has also introduced a pinch to zoom feature that lets you zoom out of where you are so you can see the surrounding map by pinching your fingers on the screen. While the pinch to zoom works, you can't drag the map around the screen as pressing on the map launches the menu system. You might be able to pinch "out", but that's not much use if you can't re-centre your map.

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