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while my GPS battery recharges i discover the binocular building and think of google wikipedia

by Rus Abz 2011-05-04 00:28

Was it a dream? 

 Last time I was lost in the middle of Santa Monica downtown , not far from Promenade , I stopped by a corner Church to cool down and check the brand new library which has a wonderful ancient pollinate of the book of all times. My  GPS nuvi cooled down a bit too and in couple of minutes i was cycling across the street noticing the Google office and i thought "what a small space for a big company" ... but , anyways proceed further stopping by SM library to check my email as these folks do have free wifi from 10 to 5!

Yes! Anyways my nuvi garmin gps was leading me towards my destination - the Washington pier - where i never been before. Driving in hot sun my gps friend got hot and switched off its screen so i was left on my own and lost my way again. Amazingly i have seen huge binoculars in front of empty buildings somewhere in between main and Abbott... hmm i thought "that would be the perfect place for Google new department to have new home". I do have this gut feel this is the new place for wikipedia folks joining google. You better watch the temperature of your gps navigator to avoid quirks like that... finally i get to the pier - what a wonderful view of Pacific Ocean and high blue skies! 

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