AIRMAR For Garmin SS264 Wide-Beam DT 12 tilt 50kHz Tru-Hull Transducer 6-pin

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Airmar has taken the SS270W wide-beam thru-hull and split it into a pair of Tilted Element™ transducers. One transducer handles 50 kHz while the other operates at 200 kHz. Now you can get all of the performance of the SS270W without a fairing. The low-profi le design is perfect for fast, trailered, tournament, and sportfi shing boats—especially center consoles.
This transducer pair gives you four times the beamwidth at 200 kHz than other highperformance transducers. Since the width of the beams are the same at both frequencies, a split-screen fi shfi nder display will clearly show the same water column and bottom coverage. Fish may also appear as arches. More fi sh will be marked while cruising, trolling, drifting, or at anchor. Get the wider picture on your sounder with the SS264W pair.

• Fixed 20° tilted version for 16° to 24° hull deadrise
• Fixed 12° tilted version for 8° to 15° hull deadrise
• Fixed 0° tilted version for 0° to 7° hull deadrise
• Consists of two transducers (purchased separately):
•SS264 50 kHz wide-beam
•SS264 200 kHz wide-beam
• Transducers must be purchased separately for dual-frequency operation or individually as a single-frequency unit
• Provides 4 times the beamwidth at 200 kHz than other high-performance transducers
• Identical wide 25° beamwidths at 50 kHz and200 kHz
• Low-profi le protrusion below the hull— no affect on your boats running performance
• Depth and new fast-response water-temperature sensor
• Boat Size: 8 m to 11 m (25’ to 35’)
• Usable Shaft Length: ~71 mm (2.80”)

Maximum Dept Range 50 kHZ - 400m to 610m (1350'-2000')


Depth, Temp
Freq. 50 kHz
Power: 1kW
Beamwidth: 25 °
8-15° deadrise
Stainless Steel
Thru-Hull Mount

Item number: SS264-12-W5-6G
UPC: 801769015034
Package weight: 13 lb