BLUE SEA 7605 batterylink 12v charger 10a 2 bank

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BatteryLinkŪ Charger - 10Amp - 2-Bank

Charge two batteries at or away from the dock with a 10A multistage battery charger and integrated 65A Automatic Charging Relay (ACR)

    AC charging at the dock: Use AC shore power to charge two isolated battery banks with the 3 Stage 10 Amp battery charger
    DC charging away from the dock: Share the DC power from the alternator with both the Start and the Auxiliary battery through the integrated 65A ACR
    Battery Temperature Compensation prolongs battery life
    Start isolation protects sensitive electronics from voltage sags and spikes
    Includes LED remote indicator for charge status at the helm
    Snap-on insulating cover
    One-piece stainless flange nuts ensure safe and secure connections

    Total Output Current:    10A

    Nominal Voltage: 12V DC
    Number of Outputs: 1 negative / 2 positive
    Terminal Stud Torque: 60 in-lb (6.78 Nm)
    Continuous Rating:65A
    Intermittent Rating:115A
    Universal AC Input Voltage: 90-265V AC
    AC Input Frequency: 50/60Hz
    Typical Float Voltage:13.5V DC
    Battery Types: AGM / Flooded / TPPL - Do not mix battery types
    Cable Size to Meet Ratings:10 AWG Negative Cable / 6 AWG Positive Cable
    Maximum Battery CCA: 850CCA
    Maximum Cable Size: 1/0 AWG (50mm)
    Operating Current: 10mA (No AC Power, ACR Open) / 60mA (No AC Power, ACR Closed)
    Recommended Battery Bank Sizes:    60Ah Minimum
    Terminal Stud Size:1/4"-20 (accepts M6 ring terminal)
    Warranty: 5 Year
    Combine 30 sec: 13.5V
    Combine 2 Min: 13.0V
    Open 10 sec: 12.35V
    Open 30 sec: 12.75V


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