B&G H5000 CPU, Hercules Rracing

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Contents of the package

    H5000 Hercules CPU
    NMEA 2000 connectors
    Installation hardware
    Owner's manual


 H5000 Hercules Processor
Processor Only, requires sensors and display

The H5000 instrument and autopilot systems combine sailing-specific features with race-proven technology in a straightforward package. Developed for blue water cruisers and racing yachts alike, the range brings powerful system options to match your exacting requirements. Add a Zeus-2 chartplotter for a complete navigation solution.

The Hercules System is designed for the racng sailor and includes all the features of the Hydra system plus: HV Display context switching, polar performance data, remote data interface, enhanced start line data, and 3D motion wind correction support.

Choose from a wide variety of display options, including the versatile color Graphic Display, easy to see Race Display, and four different sizes of single-line HV Displays.

Get the data you need by choosing from a variety of sensors, including depth and speed transducers, masthead wind units, GPS, and Compass.

H5000 Hercules CPU

The powerful H5000 CPU with Hercules software is geared for race track success featuring expanded data options and enhanced racing features. Its ultra-fast ARM processor delivers accurate data in an instant and the system is straightforward to set up with the new H5000 web-browser interface.

The innovative B&G H5000 instrument system is powered by a smart Central Processing Unit (CPU) with the ability to run three levels of software, Hercules, Hydra and Performance. Hercules is specifically designed for racing yachts, giving you additional features geared towards success on the race track, inshore and offshore.

On top of the benefits of provided by Hydra, Hercules adds a whole tier of race functionality with the advantages of more accurate data and more race specific features, alongside web-browser integration for ease of set-up. By adding optional sensors, you can benefit from 3D Motion wind correction, offsetting the unavoidable discrepancy of induced wind errors caused by boat motion, for more accurate results. An integrated Polar table provides target boat speed, target wind angles and performance monitoring for a real racing advantage.

Enjoy advanced calibration with heel/linearity correction of boat speed for supreme accuracy and increased sensitivity of boat speed data to real accelerations / decelerations with Dynamic Damping. Enhanced HV display control provides a 10Hz update and context switching, automatically changing the display setting between pre-start, upwind, reaching and downwind. Hercules also provides enhanced communication, Polar table configuration and Start Line information.

It is effortless to set up and calibrate with the new H5000 web-browser interface, however complex the system.

    Hydra spec plus: Hercules is packed with all the powerful features of the Hydra system, but adds unique functionality for serious racers
    HV Display Context Switching:Enhanced HV display control provides a 10Hz display update and context switching, automatically changing the display setting between pre-start, upwind, reaching and downwind
    Polar Performance Data: Hercules is designed to optimise your racing, providing facility to calculate performance target information from an integrated Polar table so you can ensure you are performing to the
    Remote Data Interface:Expand Hercules's functionality even further with third-party apps and stream data via Ethernet or GoFreeT, B&G's powerful wireless solution to remotely view H5000 instrument data via
your tablet or smartphone. GoFree™ requires additional module
    Enhanced Start Line Data: Hercules provides enhanced Start Line data with "time to burn" data available from Polar performance data or SOG. H5000's enhanced positioning ensures the bow position is continuously calculated for sure starts
    3D Motion Wind Correction Support: Offset the unavoidable discrepancy of induced wind errors caused by the motion of the yacht rolling in waves, for more accurate results
    Race-specific features: Hercules takes your racing seriously and is packed with features geared to getting results; from Performance Targets, Heel/linearity correction of boat speed and Dynamic Damping
to HV display context switching and starting information
    Ultra-fast ARM Processor: The CPU achieves processor speeds of up to 50 times that of its predecessor, for rapid calculation, real-time data and fast updates; each with the trademark B&G precision
    Network compatible: H5000's highly compatible network provides peace of mind and swift, seamless integration with other instruments and electronics across the B&G marine network including AIS, radar and
chartplotters    Browser-based set-up: The CPU features browser-based setup via the new H5000 interface for fast, efficient and hassle-free commissioning and calibration
    LED status indicators: Status indicators on the CPU provide a clear indication of system status


Display                 Requires external display
Resolution             N/A
Main Functions       Depth, Speed, Temp, Wind
Sensors Included    None
Interface                NMEA 2000
Other Functions      Processor for small to mid-size racing sailboats. Has same features as Hydra plus: HV
                            display context switching, polar performance data, remote data interface, enhanced
                            start  line data, 3D motion wind correction support.
Dimensions            8.3"W x 7.6"H x 2.4"D
Warranty               Three years

Item number: 000-11546-001
UPC: 9420024130353
Package weight: 4.4 lb

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