B&G Triton Pilot add-on System, High Current

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Contents of the package

    AC-42 Processor
    Pilot controller
    NMEA2000 Backbone Kit
    Operator's manual


 Triton Add-On Autopilot, High Current
Add auto-steering to your Triton instrument system

B&G pilots have long been recognized for their superior performance and unbeatable reliability. Used on all sizes of cruising and racing yachts, there is a B&G pilot solution to suit you. With the new enhanced pilot computers come improved response rates that apply rapid and intelligent response to changes in wind and sea conditions.

If you have a Triton Instrument system or are planning to install one, this package contains the core of what you need to add autopilot to your vessel. The kit includes the AC-42 processor, the controller keypad, and NMEA2000 connections.

If your Triton system does not have a heading source, such as a fluxgate compass, you will need to add one. Some installations may also require a redder reference.

The system will also need a drive unit, which will be determined by the size of the vessel and the type of steering. The AC-42 is for high-current applications on large vessels.


Vessel    Power and sail boats up to 70'
Steering Type         Mechanical or hydraulic
Display                    N/A
Control Type            System include Triton pilot control head
Processor                 AC42: 12 or 24 VDC, 50 Amp max.
Rudder Feedback    Optional
Compass                  Heading input required
Drive Unit                 Sold Separately
Remote Options       Multi-station, using multiple Triton displays and controls
Interface                   NMEA 2000, NMEA 0183
Dimensions              Processor: 8.3"W x 7.4"H x 2.4"D; Controller: 2.4"W x 4.5"H x 0.7"D
Warranty                  Two Years

Item number: 000-10619-001
UPC: 9420024114841
Package weight: 5.3 lb

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