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C-MAP MAX NA-MO35 - Pacific Coast, Central America - C-Card

Item: NA-M035C-CARD
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NA-M035 => Pacific Coast and Central America
Coverage includes all of the western coastline of North America. Coverage starts at the Mexico/US border in the Gulf of Mexico and picks up the Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama coasts then through the Panama Canal and back up the Pacific coast of Latin America covering all of the Pacific coasts up to the US border, including the Sea of Cortez. US coverage then picks up in San Diego and encompasses all of the coastline for California, Oregon and Washington including the Columbia, Willamette, Snake, Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers, before jumping over to Canadian coverage in the San Juan Islands. Canadian coverage includes all of the coast of British Columbia, from Vancouver up to Portland Canal, including Vancouver and the Queen


Item number: NA-M035C-CARD
UPC: 686074003170
Package weight: 0.1 lb

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