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Contents of the Package

    AISnode receiver
    NMEA 2000 drop cable
    Instruction manual


 Digital Yacht AISnode NMEA2000 AIS Receiver
AIS Receiver for NMEA 2000 Systems

Many modern on board electronic system now utilise the NMEA2000 interfacing standard to allow inter-connectivity and interfacing between systems. It’s an easy plug ‘n play solution that allows reliable on board data sharing with simple common connectors.

NMEA 2000 devices connect on a cabled “backbone” with a “T-connector” used to spur off to each device. Digital Yacht have just introduced AISnode – an AIS receiver with an NMEA2000 interface allowing AIS data to be shared across plotters, radars or other compatible devices on board. It’s simple to fit too with power for this low wattage device taken direct from the NMEA2000 bus so there’s no need for a separate power supply. Just connect to a VHF antenna or suitable VHF antenna splitter (for a shared antenna) and there’s AIS data available for the plotter display.

Once connected, you’ll see an overlay of targets around you with drill down data on the vessels identity, position, course and speed as well as closest point of approach. The new AISnode exploits Digital Yacht’s sensitive dual channel receiver technology for excellent target reception range and ability to process all the latest types of AIS targets like ATONs and SARTs. Class A and Class B targets are also fully decoded with all the relevant static and voyage data.


    AIS receiver with NMEA 2000 interface
    Self powered from the NMEA 2000 bus for quick installation – just connect to a VHF antenna or suitable splitter
    Super sensitive receiver
    Waterproof and built tough
    Supplied with NMEA 2000 drop cable
    Integrates easily into any NMEA 2000 network

Item number: ZDIGAISNODE
UPC: 081159830403
Shipping weight: 1.00 lb

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