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Item: ZDIGDTV100
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TV100 Marine HD/FM Antenna

The DTV100 HD TV antenna from Digital Yacht allows you to access free digital TV services on board. With a super sensitive design and hi gain amplifier, it sucks in even the weakest of signals. It's omni-directional too so there's no complicated aligning plus it will also provide a feed for a FM stereo radio.

The DTV100 is a high performance, omni-directional TV antenna providing a great signal for on board HD TV systems. Start taking advantage of free HD digital TV entertainment today.

Digital terrestrial TV (even in HD) can now be received while afloat with a new TV antenna from Digital Yacht. Called the DTV100, it features a highly sensitive omni-directional design and hi gain (-7 to 29dB amplifier) to pick up even the weakest of signals. It can also feed a FM stereo. Start enjoying a few home luxuries on board today.

The slick DTV100 TV antenna picks up national free to view HD TV signals and allows a range of popular channels to be viewed on board thanks to its sensitive omni-directional design.

Designed For Easy Installation & Performance

    Waterproof to IP68 and ultra tough UV resistant ABS casing
    Antenna supports vertical and horizontal polarisation plus FM radio
    Adaptors for antenna supplied to fit standard pole or 1" threaded mounts from 3rd parties
    Single RG6 coax feed to below deck amplifier
    Below deck amplifier and splitter provides -7 to 29dB gain adjustment. 12/24V
    Optional amplifier provides 2nd TV output for multi cabin installtion


    Very high performance omnidirectional marine TV antenna
    Global reception capability of latest DVB/HDTV signals
    TV and FM radio outlet
    Below deck mounted amplifier with -7dB to +29dB gain
    Pole or standard 1" adaptor mounting capability
    Supplied with 10m coax
    Optional dual TV outlet amplifier
    Just 280mm diameter
    Exceptional performance for an omni-directional TV antenna

Item number: ZDIGDTV100
UPC: 098377511618
Shipping weight: 4 lb

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