FLIR Ocean scout os320 ntsc 320 x 240 thermal night vision

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Ocean Scout 320 NTSC 320 x 240 Handheld Thermal Night Vision Camera - Black


Ocean Scout Features:

Enhanced Awareness - See marine traffic and navigation aids at night

    Quickly scan your surroundings for other vessels
    Easily recognise buoys in river channels or open water
    Detect key landmarks like islands or docks

Steer Clear - Boat with confidence day or night

    Avoid obstacles, such as rocks, floating logs, and other debris
    Be aware of kayakers, personal watercraft, and small boats without lights
    Detect marine mammals above the water surface

Stay Safe - A lifesaving tool for a "man overboard" emergency

    Locate the body heat of anyone in the water
    Quickly identify overboard people and pets
    InstAlert™mode highlights the hottest objects in red

Range Performance:
Detect man - 1,800' (550M)
Detect Small Boat - 5,085' (1,550M)

Item number: 432-0009-22-00S
UPC: 812462020393
Package weight: 1.8 lb

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