FURUNO B260-FUR DT Cone 19/6 1kW 200/50KHz Bronze Transducer

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Fits: 292,295, 1100,1150, 1200, BBFF3, DFF3

1kW thru-hull, B260 Bronze, w/ID, w/fairing. Operating frequency of 200 and 50 kHz. Beamwidth of 6 degrees at 200 kHz, 19 degrees at 50 kHz.

Brochure / Specifcations
Installation Instructions (pdf)

Top-of-the-line, 1kW, thru-hull model
Depth and fast-responsewater-temperature sensor
Interfaces to any 600 W or 1 kWechosounder
Available with a diplexer forsingle-transmission-line fishfinders or
without a diplexer fordual-transmission-linefishfinders

Recommended for sportfishing boatsabove 9 m (30’) and small mid-size
commercialfishing boats
High-Performance Fairing included

Maximum Depth Range:
50 kHz—529 m to 735 m (1,800’ to 2,500’)
200 kHz—206 m to 294 m (700’ to 1,000


Thru-Hull, Bronze Housing, Fairing included
• Depth and Temperature
• 50/200 kHz
• 1,000 Watts
• 12 m (39’) Cable
• Broadband
• Separate 50 and 200 kHz ceramics
• Top performing 1 kW broadband transducer
gives you crystal clear imaging at all depths
• For use with sportfishing and commercial
fishing boats 11 m (35') and up with
fiberglass and wood hulls
• Deadrise angles up to 22º
• Broadband Ceramic Technology:
• Provides better image detail and resolution
• Distinguishes individual fish targets and fish tight
to the bottom
• Beam Width: 50 kHz—19° 200 kHz—6°
• Depth Range: 50 kHz—549m to 762m
(1800’ to 2500’) 200kHz—213m to 305m
(700’ to 1000’)

Item number: 526TID-HDN
UPC: 611679310613
Package weight: 27 lb

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FURUNO FCV295 Fishfinder

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