FURUNO GP1670F 5.7 inch Color GPS Chartplotter/Fishfinder Combo w/525STID-PWD 600W Plastic TM Transducer

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C-Map 4D Charts

C-Map 4D Charts
C-MAP 4D MAX+ is the latest evolution of electronic charting technology, combining award-winning vector chart data with exclusive Dynamic Raster Charts and the ability to view charts in 2D or amazing 3D presentation with high-resolution satellite imagery. Packed with innovative features designed to enhance every cruising, fishing or sailing experience

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GP1670F Color GPS Chartplotter/Fishfinder Combo

If you're looking for the finest color GPS unit available, take a look at a Charplotter from Furuno! The fully integrated GP1670F GPS/Chartplotter/Fishfinder is here! Compact, waterproof and durable, this unit delivers highly accurate data and crystal-clear pictures on its 5.7" color bonded LCD screen. Fast, powerful and easy to use, the GP1670F incorporates the best of Furuno's legendary line of Chartplotters and adds an updated set of user-friendly features.

The GP1670F features an internal antenna for ease of installation. Its dual-range display allows you to view both short and long ranges of your chart simultaneously in a split-screen presentation. Furuno's RotoKey interface allows for simple and stress-free operation. Turn the RotoKey for a finely stepped zoom control, or press the knob for full access to the GP1670F controls. The LCD screen allows for viewing from virtually any angle, even while wearing polarized sunglasses, plus the screen is bonded to ensure fogging-free operation. The GP1670F supports C-Map 4D by Jeppessen charts.

The GP1670F incorporates a powerful 600W/1kW Furuno Fishfinder, and introduces a host of advanced features. Post-Processing Gain Control allows you to view changes to the Gain setting immediately for all returns on the screen, making it easier than ever to dial in your Fishfinder for local conditions, while the White Line feature shows you fish lying on or near the bottom at a glance. Furuno's Bottom Discrimination feature enables the unit to indicate if a major component of the bottom is mud, sand, gravel or rocks. The Bottom Discrimination function provides you with valuable information to locate rich fishing grounds while boosting your catch of the day. Plus, in order to assess individual fish size, the echo strength from the fish can be computed and turned into fish size display on the screen.

    Bright 800 cd/m2, 5.7" LCD gives excellent readability even in direct sunlight
    LCD and AR glass are bonded together to ensure fogging-free operation
    Clear visibility even when wearing polarized sunglasses
    Internal GPS antenna for simple and easy installation
    Standard C-Map 4D chart available on SD card
    RotoKey revolving menu and familiar point-and-click operation
    Internal memory: Waypoint/Track 30,000 points, Route 1,000 routes
    Incorporates the legendary 600W/1kW Fishfinder equipped with Furuno's latest digital fishfinder technology:
        Bottom Discrimination Function analyzes the makeup of the bottom beneath your boat*
        ACCU-FISH - Furuno's unique fish size analyzer
    Post-processing Gain Control applied to all echoes displayed on the screen
    White Line function discriminates fish lying near the bottom

Plastic Transom Mount Multisensor, 600w (10-Pin)

    600 Watts
    50/200 kHz
    45/11 degree Beam Angles
    Plastic Transom Mount with Temperature and Removable Speed Assembly
    30 Foot Cable with 10-Pin Connector


Basemap                       Yes
Card Format                  SD
Cartography - Preloaded  No
Cartography Brand         C-Map
Cartography Type          C-Map 4D
Frequency                     50/200khz
Included Transducer        Yes, Transom Mount
Internal/External Antenna Internal
Resolution (VxH)             640x480
Screen Size                    5.7"
Screen Type                  Color
Touchscreen                   No
Transducer Type             Thru-Hull
Waterproof Rating          Waterproof
Watts RMS -                  Max 600w/1kw

Item number: GP1670FTMKIT
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Package weight: 11.5 lb