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Box Dimensions
7"H x 10"W x 15"L   


The unit has a waterproof display and is built to stand up to tough marine conditions. This durable casing houses an impressive memory, capable of storing up to 1,000 points of ships track, 999 points for marks and waypoints, and 50 routes of up to 30 waypoints each. Vital navigation data is presented on a 4.5-inch diagonal Silver Bright LCD screen with adjustable brilliance. Innovative graphic displays include Nav, Highway, Steering, Track Plotting, and two operator programmable modes, all extremely easy to use.

The GP32, like all Furuno nav receivers, feature Furunos NMEA 0183 programmable interface system for feeding highly accurate nav data to your Furuno radar, chart plotter, autopilot or sounder. It even includes a dedicated RS-232 port for connection to a PC. And of course, it integrates perfectly with Furuno's NavNet line of Radar/Chart Plotters.

  •     12 Channel, Parallel Tracking GPS Receiver with WAAS technology, DGPS Ready
  •     Up to 900 Knot Tracking Velocity
  •     20 Second Warm Start Acquisition
  •     1-3M Accuracy (95% of the time with WAAS on and SA off)
  •     4.5 Inch Diagonal Monochrome High Contrast Silver Bright LCD Screen
  •     Waypoint and Route Data Transfer Via PC to another GP32
  •     5 Display Modes available

    1. Plotter - 14 Plot Scales from 0.2 - 320 N.M.
    2. NavData - Position Indication in Lat./Long or Loran-C TD's
    3. Steering - Graphic Vessel Course, Position and Speed Information
    4. Highway - 8 Range Scales from 0.2 - 16 N.M.
    5. Analog or Digital Display Speedometer
    6. Two user customizable displays

  •     Man Overboard Key
  •     Waypoint entry by Loran-C TD's (Highway Mode)
  •     Alarms for Arrival, XTE, Anchor Watch and High/Low Speed Points
  •     Memory Capacity: 1000 Points of Vessel Track, 999 Points for Waypoints and Marks, and 50 Routes comprised of up to 30 Waypoints
  •     Waypoint Comments of up to 16 Characters
  •     Event Marks Entered using one of Nine Symbols
  •     2 Data Ports for both RS422 and RS232
  •     Feed nav data to radar, chart plotter, autopilot or sounder through NMEA0183 port
  •     Upload/Download waypoints and routes directly from NavNet display
  •     Built in Simulator for Showroom Display and Training


2 Years
Power Requirements
    12 or 24 VDC, 3 Watts

Item number: GP32
UPC: 611679266835
Package weight: 4.4 lb