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GARMIN 20 ft. Extension cable for transducers, with ID

Item: 010-10716-00
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Contents of the Package


Too much distance between your transducer and fishfinder/sounder? Here's 20 feet of cable to bring them together.

Choosing Right Transducer
Please refer to the Transducer Selection Guide for detailed transducer specifications and help with transducer selection.


Item number: 010-10716-00
UPC: 753759052720
Shipping weight: 1.1 lb

List of Compatible Units:

GARMIN B117 0-8 tilt 50/200 kHz Bronze Transducer 6 pin
GARMIN B164 1kW 0 tilt 200/50kHz bronze, Transducer 6 pin
GARMIN B164 1kW 12 tilt 200/50kHz Bronze Transducer 6pin
GARMIN B164 1kW 20 tilt 50/200 kHz bronze Transducer 6 pin
GARMIN B60-12-6g 12 Tilt 50/200 kHz Transducer
GARMIN B60-20-6g 20 Tilt 50/200 kHz Transducer
GARMIN B744V-6G DTS 50 200 khz 600 w Bronze Thru Hull Transducer
GARMIN B744VL-6G Long STEM DTS 50 200 khz 600 w Bronze Thru Hull Transducer
GARMIN Fishfinder 160C
GARMIN Fishfinder 160C Portable
GARMIN Fishfinder 300C
GARMIN Fishfinder 300C, WW
GARMIN Fishfinder 340C WW with Dual Beam Transducer
GARMIN Fishfinder 400C
GARMIN Fishfinder 400C with Dual Beam Transducer
GARMIN Fishfinder 400C with Dual Beam Transducer, WW
GARMIN Fishfinder 400C with Dual Frequency Transducer
GARMIN Fishfinder 400C with Dual Frequency Transducer, WW
GARMIN Fishfinder 400C, WW
GARMIN Fishfinder 90
GARMIN Gpsmap 420
GARMIN GPSMAP 4208, GSD 22 Sonar and GXM 51 Network Bundle
GARMIN Gpsmap 421
GARMIN GPSMAP 421s no transducer
GARMIN GPSMAP 421s with transducer
GARMIN Gpsmap 431
GARMIN GPSMAP 431s with transducer
GARMIN Gpsmap 441
GARMIN GPSMAP 441s no transducer
GARMIN GPSMAP 441s with transducer
GARMIN GPSMAP 498 with transducer External Ant.
GARMIN Gpsmap 521
GARMIN GPSMAP 521s no transducer
GARMIN GPSMAP 521s with transducer
GARMIN GPSMAP 525s no transducer
GARMIN GPSMAP 525s with transducer
GARMIN Gpsmap 526
GARMIN GPSMAP 526s no transducer
GARMIN GPSMAP 526s with transducer
GARMIN Gpsmap 531
GARMIN GPSMAP 531s with transducer
GARMIN Gpsmap 536
GARMIN GPSMAP 536s with transducer
GARMIN Gpsmap 541
GARMIN GPSMAP 541s no transducer
GARMIN GPSMAP 541s with transducer
GARMIN GPSMAP 545s no transducer
GARMIN GPSMAP 545s with transducer
GARMIN Gpsmap 546
GARMIN GPSMAP 546s no transducer
GARMIN GPSMAP 546s with transducer
GARMIN GSD 21 Analog Sonar
GARMIN GSD 22 Digital Sonar
GARMIN P66 200/50KHz 10/40deg Transducer
GARMIN P66 200/50KHz 12/45deg plastic Transducer
GARMIN P79-6G 200/50KHz 12/45deg plastic adjustable Transducer

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