GARMIN Fishfinder 340C WW with Dual Beam Transducer

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Contents of the package

  • Fishfinder 340C
  • Transom-mount transducer (dual-beam)
  • Power cable
  • Mounting bracket
  • Protective cover
  • Owner's manual

  • Features

    You’ll be awash in vivid color as the Garmin Fishfinder 340C and its gorgeous color
    display bring your fishing trips to life. The color TFT display and ultra-dim
    backlight mode allows you to clearly see the screen no matter the position of the sun
    (or moon). Plus, the Fishfinder 340C includes a dual-beam transducer that excels in
    freshwater. Your Fishfinder 340C records water temperature and has multiple alarm

    Connect with CANet

    You can connect your Fishfinder 340C to Garmin’s CANet, a 1 MB Controller Area
    Network that lets you connect to a GPSMAP-series chartplotter. You’ll be able to use
    your Fishfinder 340C to read sonar information from other chartplotters on your boat. 

    Find the best transducer for you

    For detailed transducer specifications that will help you make the right choice,
    please visit the Transducer Selection Guide.

    With your Fishfinder 340C, you also get:

    •    Auto Gain setting, which automatically adjusts the sonar sensitivity.
    •    400 watts (RMS) and 3200 watts (peak to peak) power output.
    •    Ultrascroll to refresh your data in a flash.
    •    See-Thru technology that shows you both weak and strong returns at once.
    •    Water temperature log and graph.
    •    Round flasher display mode and A-scope.
    •    Whiteline to show you the thickness of the bottom.
    •    2X and 4X automatic and manual zoom.
    •    Unit-remembered user settings.
    •    A battery voltage indicator.
    •    NMEA sonar data output.


    Physical & Performance:
    Unit dimensions, WxHxD:  6.3" x 6.2" x 3.1" (16.0 x 15.7 x 7.9 cm) 
    Display size, WxH:  4.0" x 3.0" (10.2 x 7.6 cm) 
    Display resolution, WxH:  234 x 320 pixels 
    Display type:  256-color TFT 
    Weight:  36 oz (1020 g) 
    Waterproof:  yes (IPX7) 

    CANet compatible:  yes 
    Audible alarms:  yes 
    Dual-frequency sonar capable:  yes 
    Dual-beam sonar capable :  yes 
    Split-screen zoom:  no 
    Ultrascroll (displays fish targets at higher boat speeds):  yes 
    See-thru technology (exposes fish hidden in cover):  yes 
    Fish Symbol ID (helps identify fish targets):  yes 
    AutoGain Technology (minimizes clutter, maximizes targets):  yes 
    Whiteline (indicates hard or soft bottom):  yes 
    Adjustable depth line (measures depth of underwater objects):  yes 
    A-scope (real time display of fish passing through transducer beam):  yes 
    Bottom lock (shows return from the bottom up):  yes 
    Water temperature log and graph:  yes 
    Water speed capable (displays speed on water):  yes 

    Frequency:  80/200 kHz (dual beam) 
    Transmit power:  500 W (RMS), 4000 W (peak to peak) 
    Voltage range:  10-33 VDC 
    Maximum depth:  1500 ft 
    Cone angle:  45º/15º 

    Item number: 010-00505-04
    UPC: -
    Package weight: 4 lb