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GARMIN GT22HW-TM 4-pin Transducer DownVu, High Wide CHIRP

Item: 010-12403-00-4
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Contents of the Package

  • GT22HW-TM transducer
  • Transom mount
  • Trolling motor mount
  • Mounting hardware
  • Documentation


GT22HW-TM transducer is perfect for freshwater fishermen who want CHIRP traditional sonar and CHIRP DownVü scanning sonar. This transom or trolling motor mounted transducer consistently displays clear and crisp fish arches with superior target separation as well as clear definition of structure below the boat.

The 4-pin transducer features high wide band CHIRP traditional sonar (150-240 kHz) and has a power rating of 250 W. The CHIRP DownVü (455/800 kHz) element has a power rating of 500 W.

GT22HW-TM is ideal for mounting to a trolling motor due to its compact size. For installation, follow the included instructions carefully to avoid damaging your boat.


Weight: 0.94 lb (0.43 kg)
Cable length: 20 ft
Number of pins on connector: 4
          Transducer: 155 x 52 x 26 mm
          Traditional: CHIRP 150-240 kHz
          DownVü: CHIRP 425-485 kHz and CHIRP 790-850 kHz
Transmit power:
          Traditional: 250 W
          DownVü: 500 W
Max Depth:
          Traditional: 800 ft
          DownVü: 500 ft
Beam Width (°) LF/HF (-3dB):
          Traditional: 24/16
Read water temperature: Yes

GT..8HW-TM8HW-IF15M-IH20-TM22HW-TM 4pin
STRIKER 4dv, 5dv and 7dv fishfinders11511
STRIKER 7sv fishfinder115112
echoMAP CHIRP 4Xdv and 5Xdv combo series11511
echoMAP CHIRP 7Xdv combo series46
echoMAP CHIRP 7Xsv and 9Xsv combo series333,6
GPSMAP 8X0xs and 10X0xs combo series464
GPSMAP 5X7xs and 7X1xs combo series464
GPSMAP 7400xsv and 7600xsv combo series464
GSD™ 25 digital sonar464
1 - Requires 8-pin transducer to 4-pin sounder adapter cable (010-11947-00)
2 - Requires 12-pin transducer to dual 4-pin sounder adapter cable (010-12234-05)
3 - Requires 8-pin transducer to 12-pin sounder adapter cable (010-12122-10)
4 - Requires 4-pin transducer to 8-pin sounder adapter cable (010-11948-00)
5 - GT20-TM 4-pin version(010-12087-00)
6 - GT20-TM 8-pin version(010-12087-01)

DownVü/SideVü CapabilityTraditional Sonar
CHIRP DV/SV Freq. (kHz)Pwr (W RMS)Max. Depth/ RangeCHIRPFreq. (kHz)Power, DepthWater Temp SnsrMax. Hull Dead rise
GT8HW-TM (8-pin) Transom/ trolling motorN/A N/A N/A N/A Yes High wide CHIRP 150-240 250 W, 800 ftYes N/A
GT8HW-IF (4-pin) Ice fishingN/A N/A N/A N/A Yes High wide CHIRP 150- 240250 W, 800 ftNo N/A
GT15M-IH (8-pin) In-hullN/A N/A N/A N/A Yes Mid- band CHIRP 85- 165600 W, 1900 ft No 25°
GT22HW-TM (8-pin) Transom/ trolling motorDV 455/ 800 500 500 feet down Yes High wide CHIRP 150- 240250 W, 800 ftYes N/A
GT23M-TM (8-pin) TransomDV 260/ 455 500 1000 feet down Yes Mid- band CHIRP 80- 160600 W, 1800 ftYes N/A
GT23M-TH (8-pin) Thru-hullDV260/ 455 500 1000 ft down Yes Mid- band CHIRP 80- 160600 W, 1800 ftYes 25°
GT52HW-TM (12-pin) Transom/ trolling motorDV & SV 455/ 800 500 each 1500 total 500 feet down, 500 feet left & right Yes High wide CHIRP 150- 240250 W, 800 ftYesN/A
GT20-TM (8/4-pin) Transom/ trolling motorDV˛ 455/ 800 500 750 ft down Yes˛ 77/ 200 kHz 500 W, 1900 ftYes N/A
˛-When used with an echoMAP CHIRP chartplotter/sonar combo device.

Item number: 010-12403-00-4
UPC: 753759148584
Shipping weight: 2 lb

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