ICOM M88 nonincendive handheld vhf radio

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M88 Nonincendive Handheld VHF Radio

What makes Icom's M88 so special? Functionality. Features. Unparalleled battery life and power. Submersible construction. Military ruggedness. Frequency control. Choice of optional features. And a surprisingly small size that fits incredibly well in the hand. Compare for yourself; the Icom IC-M88 is a better fit not just for one-handed operation, but all-around.

What is nonincendive equipment? Section 500.7(F) of the National Electrical Code explains that it is a protection technique for equipment used in Class I, Division 2, hazardous (classified) locations.

Intrinsically Safe vs. Nonincendive
  • A radio termed "intrinsically safe" is designed and certified to
    eliminate or encapsulate any components that produce sparks or which
    could generate enough heat to cause an ignition in areas with flammable
    gasses, dusts or fuels. Most of these radios are approved to sell in
    Division 1 & 2
  • Nonincendive radios are incapable of generating thermal or
    electrical energy sufficient to ignite a volatile atmosphere under normal
    operating conditions-although sufficient energy for ignition could be
    generated under fault conditions. These radios are only approved to sell
    in Division 2
  • Division 1 = hazardous locations such as inside a tank or container
    requires "intrinsically safe" equipment
  • Division 2 = hazardous locations such as outside of the shielded
    tank or container requires "nonincendive" equipment


Item number: M88 NI
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Package weight: 2 lb

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