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ICOM IC-7800 HF/50MHz Transceiver

Item: 7800 02
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Contents of the Package

    IC-7800 Transceiver
    AC power cable
    CF memory card
    Speakers Plugs
    Key plug
    ACC plug
    Power plug
    Pin plug
    Rack mount handles
    Spare fuses
    Instruction manual


IC-7800 02 HF/50MHz Transceiver
The Masterpiece: RF Technical Excellence and Craftsmanship Unparalleled

Icom is a pioneer in the amateur radio world. Starting with the first analog PLL circuit in the IC-200 to the ground-breaking 32- bit DSP technology used in the IC-756PRO, Icom’s developed some of the most innovative radio equipment ever made. Continuing with this tradition, Icom announces the groundbreaking IC-7800!

The IC-7800’s somewhat familiar looks will remind many HF operators of the IC-781. The IC-781 set benchmarks back in the 1980’s as that generation’s ultimate HF transceiver. Some of today’s operators still feel the IC-781 is the pinnacle in amateur radio design. They have not seen the IC-7800. It takes amateur radio to a whole new level of performance. The IC-7800 will be viewed as the pinnacle radio for years to come.

The IC-7800 is an artistic fusion of over 40 years analog RF circuit development expertise and cutting-edge digital technology. The result is TWO identical receivers with 110dB dynamic range, +40dBm 3rd order intercept point, and unmatched DSP technology in the HF bands something that has never been achieved in Ham radio! Simply put, Icom has developed the ultimate Amateur HF transceiver. No one else comes close!
7-inch wide color TFT LCD

While Icom’s RF engineering team reviewed receiver designs for how the IC-7800 hears a signal, close attention was also paid to how the operator sees a signal. Details such as response time, color, resolution, and visibility were extremely important. Thus, an active matrix 7-inch (800×480 pixel) TFT color display was selected for the IC-7800. This large display shows main, sub-band frequencies, including various settings, and operating conditions, as well as the spectrum scope, S-meter, and RTTY/PSK31 decoded messages. The “virtual” S-meter shows smooth and accurate analog-looking needle swings whose response is selectable from 3-steps (fast/mid/slow). In addition to the “virtual” meters, the IC-7800 has digital multi-function bar graphic meters to show various conditions, including transmitter PA temperature and voltage. If a larger display is desired, the IC-7800 has a VGA connector for an external monitor and an S-meter connector for an external analog S-meter.
Real time spectrum scope

With its introduction in the IC-781, having a spectrum scope in an HF radio changed the way HF operators “see” the band! Due to the DSP unit for the scope, the IC-7800’s spectrum scope provides excellent sensitivity, with 80dB of dynamic range. While the scope rivals many of today’s commercial test sets, there are 7 steps, ranging from ±2.5 to ±250kHz. This is up to 500kHz of spectrum! Also, there is a setting to allow for specific scope edges or center the span on the receiving frequency. In addition to these features, the scope has 3 levels of attenuator (10dB, 20dB, 30dB), 3 types of reference markers (main receiver, sub receiver, transmit), 3 levels of sweep speed (slow, mid, fast), peak hold and main/sub band one touch switch.
Two completely independent receiver circuits

The IC-7800 incorporates two completely independent receivers, from the antenna inputs all the way through to the stereo headphone or individual external speaker outputs. All the performance of the first receiver is duplicated for a perfectly matched set of “Twins”. When connected to external stereo headphone, main and sub receiver audio can be mixed or separated to right and left.
Quad processing

The IC-7800 incorporates four independent, 32- bit floating DSP units and 24-bit AD/DA converters. By having four independent DSP units, the radio will respond to operator changes in an instant, as each DSP unit has a dedicated function. While there is one for each receiver, this includes the AGC and Filter controls, there is a DSP unit for transmit as well as a DSP unit for the Spectrum Scope.
200W output power at full duty cycle

The newly designed push-pull power amplifiers using power MOS-FETs work on 48V DC. They provide a powerful 200W output power at full duty cycle and low transmit intermodulation. An effective cooling system maintains internal temperatures within a safe range and prevents thermal runaway.
CF memory card

Making big scores means keeping your team fresh on those long DX-peditions or Multi Op contests. Swapping out operators usually involves time-wasting radio tweaks, because each operator has their own favorite settings to best match their operating style. This all changes with the CF memory card! Prior to a contest, operators may record their preferred IC-7800 settings such as filter, Digital Voice Recorder (DVR) memories, antenna settings, etc. When it’s their turn to operate, simply insert their CF card into the IC-7800. In a flash, the ‘7800 is now “their rig”, and there’s nearly zero down time!
Digital voice recorder

The IC-7800’s Digital Voice Recorder (DVR) is a very convenient function for contests, DX-peditions, and even normal operation. Record your callsign, CQ, or contest number in up to four memory locations. A total of 90 seconds is available for the four memories, with each memory channel being soft partitioned to allow custom recording sizes. The front panel control of the DVR allows you to record incoming signals up to 200 seconds for 20 channels (Max. 30 sec. per channel). The playback automatically mutes the receiver for clear playback of the previous 15 seconds of recorded audio. It’s the perfect feature for those contest operators wanting to improve their UBN reports.

Set mode function for flexible and speedy setting
Memory pad stores up to 5 or 10 operating frequencies
Quick split function and frequency lock function for split operation
Triple band stacking register
SSB/CW synchronous tuning
Single knob control from squelch to RF gain
RIT and ∂Tx variable up to 9.999kHz
1Hz pitch tuning and indication
101 memories with 10-character alphanumeric
Auto tuning step function
Firmware update capability from your PC
Built-in voice synthesizer announces operating frequency, mode and signal strength
Programmed scan, memory scan, select memory scan, VSC scan and ∂F scan
Main dial tension control
CI-V interface capability
Optical digital audio input/output
FFT scope averaging function for both PSK and RTTY decoder
BNC type Transverter connector Offset frequency is user programmable and actual frequency is displayed.
UTC/Local Clock and timer function
Screen saver function


Display               7-inch wide color TFT LCD
Power                  200W
Frequency           Tx: Bands from 1.8 - 54.000; Rx: 0.03 - 60.000
Modes                 USB, LSB, CW, RTTY, PSK31, AM, FM
Tuner                   Built-in
Remote Options    None
Other Functions    CF card memory storage
Dimensions          16.7"W x 5.8"H x 17.2"D
Waterproof           No
Warranty             Two Year

Item number: 7800 02
UPC: -
Package weight: 20.0 lb

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