INTELLIAN I-series dish network multi-satellite interface multi-switch (mim)

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Multiswitch emulates DP-34 for Dish Ntwk, MFG M2-TD02, Multi-switch for Dish Network for multiple satellites, connects up to 4 receivers, supports inchmasterinch receiver selection, MIM Switch. Multy satellite interface multy switch

Intellian MIM Overview

Intellian technology strives to lead the satellite antenna systems in terms of innovation and the quality of our items and services. We always aim to take satellite antenna systems to the next level. Intellian DISH Network MIM utilizes a leading-edge technology which replaces the Dish Network DP-34 multi-switch. The user oriented design of the MIM offers Dish Network subscribers access to their favorite high-definition (HD) programming and switches automatically between Dish Network 110xW, 119xW, and 129xW satellites or alternatively between satellites 61.5xW,110xW, and 119xW. If you are in certain areas of the east coast or south Texas, you may not be able to view HD programming from the 129x satellite based on your geographical location. Therefore, instead of selecting the 129x satellite, you can select the 61.5x satellite which carries the same programs as the 129x satellite.

Intellian recommends using a Dish Network model ViP211 HDTV receiver for automatic satellite switching. The MIM module has four receiver connector ports. Intellian's MIM allows you to select which receiver connected to the MIM will be the "Master" receiver. The "Master" receiver will control which satellite the antenna is focused on. You can simply choose your desired channels by using the receiver's remote control through the Master receiver, and the Intellian i-series will automatically switch to the appropriate satellite. With Intellian's MIM, you can enjoy watching Dish Network HD TV without any disruption.

In addition, the installation and configuration are very easy and simple even if more than 4 satellite receivers are connected with the MIM. Intellian MIM is designed to provide user-friendly ease of installation so that even novice can easily install and connect these according to our manual. As long as you install the Intellian MIM into the place which is easily accessible from your main TV viewing area, you will not meet any trouble to watch Dish Network HD TV. Enjoy your sailing with our cutting-edge MIM.

i-Series DISH Network Multi-Satellite Interface Multi-Switch (MIM) & Adapter

    MIM enables automatic switching between three Ku-band satellites & master/slave receiver selection
    DISh MIM is compatible with Bell TV for Canada as well as DISH Network
    Includes a 4-point multi-switch


Item number: M2-TD02
UPC: 8809312180729
Package weight: 3.8 lb

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