INTELLIAN I5 us system - 20.8inch dish w/all-americas lnb

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Contents of the package

    i5 dome
    Antenna Control Unit
    15M RG-6 cable
    3M RG-6 cable
    10M power cable and connector
    PC connector cable
    NMEA connector
    Installation CD-ROM, hardware, and guide
    Owner's manual


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i5 Sat TV system, MFG B4-509AA, Tri-Americas LNB for U.S. and Caribbean. 20inch dish, 24inch diameter dome. Includes internal GPS and wireless control from smartphone/tablet. Comes with RF cable and Antenna Control Unit.

 Intellian i5 Satellite TV System with Tri-Americas LNB
A compact 20" dish with the perfomance of a 24" dish

The i5 is the worldís first 20Ē satellite TV antenna purpose built for offshore cruising vessels in the 40-60ft range. Itís performance enables reception of TV service throughout the Bahamas, Caribbean and Mexico, while itís size is better suited for vessels under 60ft in length.

With a single cable connecting the antenna control unit (ACU) to the antenna, installing Intellianís i-Series is quick and easy. The advanced ACU requires minimum setup so you can begin viewing TV aboard your vessel in no time.

Every Intellian i-Series antenna system is capable of receiving Standard (SD) and High Definition (HD) programming from any Ku Band Satellite TV service provider.

Intellianís advanced RF technology enables wider coverage and better signal tracking for more reliable TV reception in all your favorite cruising destinations.

Intellianís patented Wide Range Search algorithm locks onto even the weak edges of a satellite signal and then instantly finds the signal peak in seconds Ė four to five times faster than conventional antennas. Our patented Dynamic Beam Tilting technology then holds onto that signal lock using intelligent, real time beam analysis to eliminate signal skips, pixilation and loss of service. This technology also reduces motor use by 80% over conventional antennas, enabling quiet enjoyment of your favorite programming.

The ACU with its alphanumeric display makes set-up and operation of the system simple and straightforward. All aspects of the antenna can also be controlled wirelessly via Intellianís comprehensive, graphically-based Aptus Mobile application, even from your iOS device.


Input Voltage           12/24 VDC
Antenna                   20" round
Tracking                   Offshore
HDTV Compatible    Ku band only (limited DirecTV)
Other Functions       Single cable installation, builit-in GPS, wireless control using APTUS app on
                                smartphone or tablet
Dimensions              Dome: 24" diameter, 25" high. ACU: 7"W x 2.1"H x 8.5"D.
Service Period         Tri-Americas LNB gives coverage for U.S. Bahamas, and Caribbean. DISH (US), DirecTV
                                (US), DirecTV Latin America
Warranty                   Three year parts, one year labor

Item number: B4-509AA
UPC: 8863100184504
Package weight: 63 lb