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KVH Tracphone v3-ip/iridium pilot system bundle

Item: 01-0357-01
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TracPhone V3-IP/Iridium Pilot System Bundle, MFG 01-0357-01, VSAT system with 15.5inch dish, up to 2 Mbps download. Package includes Iridium Pilot system for use when VSAT signal is unavailable.

TracPhone V3-IP/Iridium Pilot System Bundle

Enjoy Global Coverage with KVH TracPhone® V3-IP Paired with Iridium Pilot®
For satellite Internet and phone anywhere in the world, the reliable and economical solution is the KVH TracPhone V3-IP paired with the Iridium Pilot. The 39cm (15.5") diameter TracPhone V3-IP is the world's smallest maritime VSAT, designed exclusively for the world's No. 1 maritime VSAT service - mini-VSAT Broadband. Advanced ArcLight® spread spectrum technology enables the V3-IP's extremely compact design, while still providing outstanding performance - fast download speeds (up to 2 Mbps), reliable Internet and e-mail, and optimized voice communications. Now, with KVH's new System Bundle, TracPhone V3-IP is paired with an Iridium Pilot for pole-to-pole coverage, meaning boat owners, guests, and crew can stay in touch with friends, family, and the office from every cruising area in the world.

Belowdecks Unit Makes it all Easy
TracPhone V3-IP features KVH's Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM), a streamlined belowdecks unit that includes IP-enabled antenna control unit for easy set-up, built-in CommBox™ Network Manager for onboard networking, ArcLight spread spectrum modem, VoIP adapter, Ethernet switch, and Wi-Fi capabilities all in one 2U-high unit.

With the TracPhone V3-IP/Iridium Pilot System Bundle, the ICM is preconfigured by KVH to ensure seamless integration:

    TracPhone V3-IP and mini-VSAT Broadband service is always chosen first
    If the service becomes unavailable for any reason, onboard LAN and Wi-Fi networks switch to Iridium OpenPort broadband services
    The system automatically switches back to mini-VSAT Broadband airtime service as soon as it is available
    Both the mini-VSAT Broadband and Iridium OpenPort airtime services are billed through KVH for the customer's convenience

The ICM also supports KVH's upcoming IP-MobileCast™ content delivery service, providing multicast delivery of news, movies, and entertainment directly to subscribing boats.

Affordable, Global Solution for Broadband Connectivity
The TracPhone V3-IP/Iridium Pilot System Bundle includes both TracPhone V3-IP and Iridium Pilot antenna systems preconfigured with least cost routing, and offers versatile, affordable airtime options to suit your boat's data usage. Get all the features of KVH's end-to-end solution for satellite Internet and phone with the TracPhone V3-IP, plus the pole-to-pole global coverage of Iridium Pilot.


    Supports upcoming IP-MobileCast content delivery service, providing multicast delivery of news, movies, and entertainment content directly to the ship over the top of its broadband connection
    Reliable, pole-to-pole coverage: TracPhone V3-IP paired with Iridium Pilot
    TracPhone V3-IP - world's smallest maritime VSAT system, designed exclusively for the No. 1 maritime VSAT service, mini-VSAT Broadband
    Breakthrough belowdecks unit - Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM) includes IP-enabled antenna control unit, built-in CommBox Network Manager, and ArcLight spread spectrum modem with VoIP adapter, Ethernet switch, and Wi-Fi capabilities
    TracPhone V3-IP data speeds - up to 2 Mbps down, 128 Kbps up using mini-VSAT Broadband service
    Iridium Pilot - compact, fully global system with pole-to-pole coverage
    Iridium Pilot data speeds - up to 134 Kbps down and up using Iridium OpenPort broadband service
    Rugged, high-performance TracPhone V3-IP design with superior tracking and stabilization
    Preconfigured ICM ensures seamless integration between mini-VSAT Broadband service and Iridium OpenPort service
    Both services billed through KVH for customer's convenience


Dome Dimensions                   20.9" x 19.2"
Voltage - Input Range (Volts)  10-30VDC
Warranty                                  2Yrs Parts 1Yr Labor

Item number: 01-0357-01
UPC: -
Shipping weight: 83 lb

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