LOWRANCE HDS-9 GEN2 Touch Insight w/83/200

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Compatible maps

Suggested Maps and Software:

Navionics Marine Charts

Navionics Marine Charts
Navionics charts are now a fundamental tool of navigation, featuring water depths, navaids, obstructions, and other information necessary for safe navigation. Marine and lake maps presented.

Lowrance Maps Topo

Lowrance Maps Topo
TOPO Insight HD maps are used with all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, etc., for off-road navigation.

Lowrance Maps Nautic Lake

Lowrance Maps Nautic Lake
Nautic insight NEW! Improved Bathymetric Contour Detail with greater coverage and more accurate detail to navigate more safely and identify key fishing areas

C-Map MAX-N+

C-Map MAX-N+
C-MAP MAX-N+ brings trusted C-MAP data and advanced charting features to users of compatible Lowrance, Simrad and B&G navigation systems.


New C-MAP MAX-N cartography gives Lowrance, Simrad and B&G customers access to accurate, up-to-date C-MAP chart data trusted by navigators around the globe. C-MAP MAX-N opens up a new world of performance for cruisers, sailors and fishermen, providing the detail, advanced features and coverage to fuel every boating adventure.

Cmor maps

Cmor maps
CMOR Mapping data is the result of methodical surveys with high-resolution echosounders. There is no interpolation, no guesswork, and no unverified "hotspots" reported by local captains. All you see is a complete, accurate, and highly detailed representation of the bottom, including many features that are not shown on any other chart or fishing map

Contents of the package

    Mounting bracket
    Sun cover
    Power cable
    Installation hardware
    Owner's manual and Quick Start guide
    83/200KHz transom mount transducer


HDS-9 Gen2 Touchscreen Chartplotter/Fishfinder w/83/200KHz Transducer
9" Widescreen LCD, Insight USA (Coastal & Inland) Charts

The new, Generation 2 Touch series of multi-function displays are a revolutionary step forward in fishfinding and navigation-electronics innovation. Featuring lightning-fast chart redraw, they combine the legendary, best-in-class Lowrance technology, fully integrated weather and radar solutions and an attractive case design that is more convenient to install. Plus, a new easier-to-use operating system simplifies access to frequently used (and more advanced) features, to enhance your boating pleasure and fishing success. For building an onboard system, HDS provides a truly advanced definition in multi-tasking compatibilities.

Personalized or built-in Insight mapping and optional Navionics® charts. View both at once in 3D perspective view, plus StructureMap, Broadband Radar and SIRIUS® weather overlay capability. A super-accurate, internal GPS receiver comes standard on all HDS Gen2 Touch models, plus built-in Insight USA high-definition mapping with contour shading. 3D perspective view is also now available with both Insight USA maps and optional Navionics charts, plus a dual-view option allows you to simultaneously use two maps at once.

Built-in StructureScan HD sonar imaging, plus award-winning Broadband Sounder with DownScan Overlay and TrackBack feature. The ultimate fish- and structure-finding display. Dedicated StructureScan HD signals for left-, right- and down-looking images, plus award-winning Broadband Sounder. Real-time StructureMap capability allows you to overlay StructureScan Sonar Imaging data onto your favorite chart for a life-like underwater view with greater perspective of your boat's position to nearby structure. Overlay DownScan Imaging onto your BroadBand Sounder view for the ultimate fish-and structure-finding display.

    Powerful touchscreen with redesigned menus and five push-button controls simplify operation without sacrificing features.
    Make your own map! Create high-definition contours, bottom hardness, and more from personalized sonar log recordings on a powerful, new Lowrance web-based map creation tool.
    Standard on all HDS® Gen2 Touch models, network and share data across all HDS displays for the ultimate flexibility and cost-savings. NMEA 2000®, NMEA 0183 and Ethernet-compatible with up to two Ethernet ports.
    Compatible with Broadband 4G and 3G Radar, SIRIUS® satellite radio and weather receiver, LGC-4000 external GPS antenna, SonicHub marine audio server, AIS collision-avoidance system, engine interface cables, plus video camera inputs on 9- and 12-inch models.
    Up to two waterproof SD card slots to load Insight HD, Navionics® map options, Fishing HotSpots PRO®, backup waypoints, routes, trails and settings, and create personalized Insight Genesis maps and StructureMap from recorded sonar log recordings.
    GoFree WiFi-1 module compatible via Ethernet, when combined with a GoFree Wireless app provides remote viewing and control of HDS Gen2 Touch on the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
    Supported by 5-Year Lowrance Advantage and two-year limited warranty.


Display                      9" diag. 16:9 touchscreen color LCD
Resolution                 800x 480 pixels; VGA
Antenna                    Internal; external option
Mapping                    Preloaded w/ Insight USA w/ contour shading. Optional Insight HD or Navionics Platinum on SD
                                  card (2 slots).
Waypoints/Routes    5,000 waypoints; 200 routes; 12,000 trackpoints
Sounder                    Built-in 50/83/200KHz conventinal sounder and 455/800KHz StructureScan sonar. Includes
                                 83/200KHz transom mount transducer.
Radar                       Available radar antennas include 2KW or 4KW radomes, 6KW open array, as well as a 165mW,
                                19" FMCW broadband radome
Interface                   Ethernet (2 ports); NMEA 2000; NMEA 0183
Other Functions        Options: Video input, Sonic Hub, Sirius WX/Audio, AIS, engine/fuel montoring, WiFi connectivity
Dimensions               10.43"W x 6.65"H x 3.32"D
Warranty                   Two Year

Item number: HDS-9 PROMO 2
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Package weight: 8.5 lb