POLK AUDIO Audio MM1040UM 10 inch subwoofer

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MM1040UM 10" Subwoofer

The MM1040UM is a dedicated marine subwoofer designed with specific features that make it a rugged, reliable high performer in any kind of aquatic environment. And it has all the features that make it not only dependable but a capable of belting out tight, musical bass.

Polymer woofer cones and butyl rubber surrounds will not break down over time and will survive the rigors of harsh marine environments.

High temperature copper voice coil (51mm) and polyamide former withstands the most rigorous use while maintaining extremely low distortion for bass punch and output.

Heavy duty stainless steel heavy duty input terminals will not corrode or tarnish. Will accommodate speaker wire up to 8 AWG or twisted pairs of 12 AWG.

Advanced carbon composite basket based on the spokes of a wheel is lightweight, will not flex during peaks and looks great! Don't be afraid to show off the back of your woofer.

Klippel optimized components using a state-of-the-art Klippel distortion analyzer, Polk engineers were able to optimize the woofer's motor structure, voice coil alignment and suspension for the best possible performance, even at extreme listening levels.


Box Dimensions
7"H x 13"W x 13"L    WT: 13.40lbs

    Max power handling: 700 watts
    Stainless Steel, heavy duty input terminals
    Lightweight and rigid carbon composite basket
    Dynamic Balance® Driver Technology
    Butryl rubber surround
    High temperature copper voice coil (50 mm)
    Polyimide Former
    Accomodates a speaker wire up to 8WG or twisted pairs of 12 AWG
    Kippel Optimized Components
    ASTM B117-03 Salt Fog Standard Compliant
    ASTM D4329 UV Exposure Standard Compliant

Item number: MM1040UM
UPC: 747192114701
Package weight: 13.4 lb

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