PROMARINER Digital Mobile Charge130 Advanced Electronic In Transit 4 Stage Battery Charger 24v

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Digital Mobile Charge130 - 24v Digital Mobile Charge Alternator to Battery DC Input (Volts): 24 Volts DC Output (Volts/Amps): 24 Volts/Up to 130 Amps (Varies w/ Alternator Size)

Digital Mobile Charge130 alternator to battery on-the-water charging system provides a significant increase in charging capacity of up to 130 Amps. Simply connect your alternator to the Digital Mobile Charge130, then connect Digital Mobile Charge130 to your engine crank battery and house electric battery bank. Digital Mobile Charge130 will provide up to 130 Amps per hour to your house battery bank while protecting your engine battery and charging/conditioning your house battery bank with its all-digital C boost mode charging technology. Meets a boat's demand for on-the-water power and charging for 24 Volt DC systems, allowing for radar, lighting, live wells and other DC systems to operate while managing and charging batteries when running your engine.

    Faster and safer charging eliminates the need for battery isolators,
alternator modifications or advanced regulators
    C Software-Controlled 4-Stage Charging with Boost-Mode Technology
    C Intelligent Self-Calculating Absorption/Conditioning Mode
    User Programmable Battery Type Selector
    Zero loss, unlike typical battery isolators ? insuring faster and
full charging
    C Software ? Engine Battery Management
    C Communication Port for Optional Helm Remote


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Amps - Output                130A
Portable                            No
Voltage - Output (Volts)  24v
Box Dimensions               5"H x 12"W x 13"L
Warranty                           2 Years

Item number: 05514
UPC: 031669055148
Package weight: 9 lb