PROMARINER ProTour 300, 30 Amp, 3 Bank Batt. Chgr.

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Contents of the package

    Pro Tournament 300 Battery Charger
    Owner's manual


ProTournament 300, 30 Amp, 3 Bank Battery Charger
Sophisticated 3-Step Charging for Any Configuration of Batteries

Distributed On-Demand Charging - Automatically senses and distributes a full 30 amps to any one bank or combination of all banks.

Faster Charging - 2 to 3 times faster than traditional battery chargers with true 3 step charging technology. Each step is electronically controlled for the fastest charge.

Professional Performance - 100% battery charge guaranteed. 100% charging output with AC power as low as 90 VAC while using long extension cords at the dock, lodging site or home. Proven to condition and extend the life of your batteries.

Compact Lightweight Design - Rugged Space Saver all aluminum housing is half the height of leading traditional chargers. Unit is not potted and is completely serviceable for lifetime of use under ProMariner's lifetime repair guarantee.

Easy Operation - Pre-wired for easy installation. On-board Push-to-Test charge level and mode indicators . Internal battery selection-lead acid, gel or AGM compatible.

True 3 Step Charging Electronically controlled for the Fastest Charge

    Step 1: Fast Charge - Charger delivers maximum amperage to batteries for the fastest charge (current regulation mode) until battery voltage is raised to 14.6 VDC.
    Step 2: Absorption Charge - Maximizes charge and holds voltage at 14.6 VDC for 3 hours (voltage regulation mode) reducing sulfate buildup and conditions batteries.
    Step 3: Float Mode - A precision 13.3 VDC finishing voltage that maintains your batteries, (step down voltage regulation mode) which is perfect for short or long storage periods and will never overcharge your batteries.


Banks                Three
Display                LEDs for power and charge
Battery                Gel, flooded, AGM
Input Voltage       90-135 VAC
Output Voltage     30 Amps, 12/24/36 VDC
Remote Options    Optional remote display
Other Functions     Three-step charging. Can be used to charge batteries in series or
                           parallel, for start or trolling motor configurations
Dimensions          15.5"L x 6.9"W x 3"D
Warranty              One Year

Item number: 51030
UPC: 031669510302
Package weight: 11 lb