RAYMARINE T300 Thermal Imaging Camera, 320x240, 9Hz, w Joystick

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Contents of the package

Length (in)       19     Width (in)     11         Height (in)     11

In the box:
  • Camera head with 18" pigtails for power, video, and Ethernet
  • Joystick control unit
  • Owner's manual


The T300 Thermal Night Vision Camera is a powerful tool for navigation safety both day and night.  The camera’s thermal images can be displayed in either full screen, or in a window alongside other navigation data like electronic charting and radar.   Navigation aids or hazards identified on the chart display can be visually sighted and confirmed even in total darkness.  The integrated pan-tilt-zoom control allows you to direct the camera towards radar and AIS targets, improving overall situational awareness.

The T300 camera integrates seamlessly with E-Series Widescreen Multifunction Navigation displays and G-Series Command Center navigation system. Using SeaTalkhsnetworking, the camera’s pan, tilt and zoom controls can be actuated by touch screen (E-Series Widescreen) or using the MFD’s keypad and rotary controls (E-Series Widescreen or G-Series.) A convenient Thermal Imaging application is available right from the MFD’s home screen. The application can be displayed full-screen, or in a window alongside other navigation data like electronic charts or radar. Best of all, the camera system’s controls are available at any E-Series Widescreen or G-Series display on the boat, giving captains the ability to navigate with thermal imagery from the main helm or a remote navigation station. The T300's pan, tilt and zoom controls are also compatible the E-Series Widescreen HybridTouch user interface. Use the E-Series Widescreen's touchscreen for effortless panning and tilting of the camera. Thanks to HybridTouch technology you can also control the camera with the track pad, rotary controller and soft keys when seas are rough.

The Raymarine T300 Thermal Night Vision Camera System features a 320 x 240 pixel thermal imager with a 9Hz refresh rate. This gives the T300 great thermal detail, and a long detection range. The T300 uses the new FLIR Tau imaging core for best-in-class sensitivity and clarity.

The T300 offers long range performance with 2x electronic zoom on the thermal imager. It also supports white-hot, black-hot, red-hot, and color imaging too. Selectable color options let you optimize the image for best viewing under any lighting condition.

The T300 is housed in a compact and rugged, marine-grade enclosure with 360° pan and 90° tilt
capability. Designed for seamless integration with Raymarine multifunction displays, the camera’s
position and orientation can be controlled directly from the HybridTouch user interface of E-Series
Widescreen multifunction display. The camera can also be controlled using the keyboard and track pad, or using the included remote Joystick Control Unit (JCU.)


  Thermal Imaging
Control Type
    Controlled from "E" Series widescreen display, "G" Series, or with included joystick
Other Functions
    Resolution 320 x 240, 9 Hz refresh rate
 Two years, with one year extension after on-line registration

Item number: T32147
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