SI-TEX Vector Pro G2 15 Gyro Compass

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Vector Pro GPS Compass

The Vector Pro G2 GPS Compass is a state-of-the-art electronic navigation data device. It is capable of providing highly accurate, high-precision position and heading data to a wide variety of marine Navigation equipment, such as autopilots, sonar, radar, chartplotters, AIS receivers & transponders, and many other types of marine devices & systems.

The Vector Pro G2 features fast start-up and signal re-acquisition times, heading & position updates at up to 20 times per second, and can operate at sustained turn rates up to 90 degrees per second.

The Vector Pro G2 is a complete GPS Compass in a single rugged, marine-grade enclosure.

Precise 2D heading and positioning data
Heading accuracy of better than 0.5 degrees
Rate of turn tracking rates up to 90'/sec
Provides Heave, Pitch & Roll information
Pitch and roll accuracy of better than 1 degree
Fully compatible with Autopilot, Radar, AIS, PC, Sonar
Better than 1 meter differential position accuracy (DGPS/G2B)
Differential Correction source options include SBAS (WAAS, EGNOSand MSAS) and RTCM SC-104 data (External Source)
G2B can also use terrestrial DGPS Radio beacon signals
Integrated Gyro & Tilt sensors provide heading during momentary lossof satellite signals and speed up GPS signal
Heading Position Updates up to 20 Hz
Multiple BAUD rate selections: 4800/9600/19200/38400
Pre-programmed default settings for Heading, Rate of TurnCourse over Ground, Lat/Long Geographic position, Time & Date
Two mounting bases, Pole or Fixed mount option
Heading solution for steel vessels
Waterproof-commercial grade IP67 standards
CE certified for EMI and RFI immunity
Optional 15m or 30m cable
IMO Compliant
Worldwide Service
Single power/data cable, which greatly simplifies installation.
Power Input 9 to 36 VDC
<360 mA@ 12 VDC, <5 w


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