SIMRAD CM599 LH-W DT 25 28-60 150-250 kHz 2kW CHIRP Expozy Transducer

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CM599- LH-W  CM599CW CM599LH-W 

Epoxy transducer housing
Hull Type: Fiberglass only (tank installation)
Boat size 8m(25') and above
25 internal broadband ceramics

Get more coverage under the boat with Airmar's new wide beam CHIRP product line. Offering a high frequency range of 150-250 kHz and a constant 25° beam width, these transducers are truly broadband at its best. In addition to improving the performance of CHIRP-ready echosounders, anglers using the new wide beam transducers will achieve twice the coverage under the boat compared to our current high frequency CHIRP transducers.

A unique property of the new high frequency transducers is that the beambwidth is a constant 25° angle across the entire frequency band. Now, in addition to providing vast bottom coverage and precise fish detection in the upper water column that can sometimes go unseen with our narrow beam transducers, Airmar's new wide beam format also creates crisper and larger return images on the display. We've got you covered.

Ideal for marking baitfish and game fish in shallow to mid-water depths 0f 300ft-600ft

Curved edge design to accommodate for wet box or keel-mount installation


Depth and Temp
Low    Chirps from 28 kHz to 60 kHz
High   Chirps from 150 kHz to 250 kHz
Power: 2kW
Beam 25 °
Mount      - Pocket or Keel mount
Bare Wire

Item number: 000-11693-001
UPC: 9420024133385
Package weight: 20 lb

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