SIMRAD IS40 Pilot Pack w/OP10,AC12,RC42N,RPU80

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Contents of the package

    OP10 controller
    AC12 Processor
    RC42N rate compass
    RPU80 pump
    Installation hardware
    Instruction manual


 Simrad IS40 Autopilot System Pack
With OP10 Controller and RPU80 Hydraulic Pump

The most sophisticated small boat pilot on the market, the Simrad system features a complete set of Turn Patterns -
including Depth Contour Tracking, programmable S-turn, Zig-Zag, Continuous Turn, Square Patterns and many more.
Improved steering algorithms provide smooth and precise turns in any condition and improves tack and gybe performance
on sailboats. No Drift Course maintains the set Course Over Ground even in severe wind and current conditions. Self
calibrating features automatically compensate for the unique handling characteristics of your boat and sea conditions,
insuring optimum performance without the need for expert manual calibration. The system includes the following items:
OP10 Controller

The OP10 is an intuitive, wired remote controller that seamlessly integrates with Simrad autopilots. It can be utilised
as a second controller alongside larger NSS, NSE and NSO systems or as a standalone controller when linked to an IS40
instrument display and the necessary computers and drives.
AC12 Autopilot Computer

The AC12 Autopilot Computer is the brains behind the Simrad autopilot system. It contains both the steering computer
and the electronics for the drive unit and also provides interface to other system components using the proprietary
SimNet data network and standard NMEA 0183 signals. The AC12 will handle the RPU80 pump as well as most of the smaller
linear drive units. Includes 16 ft. of SimNet cable for connection to the display unit.
RC42 Rate Compass

The Simrad RC42 Rate Compass utilizes a solid state rate sensor and a magnetic fluxgate sensor to deliver exceptional
performance in adverse sea conditions and provide stable heading information to radars and other navigation equipment.
The RC42 compass is designed for connection to the SimNet network and will continue to transmit heading information
even if the autopilot is turned off. Comes with 18 feet of SimNet cable.
Virtual Rudder Feedback

This unique feature means that no rudder feedback unit is needed for outboards and stern drive boats. Sophisticated
software in the processor estimates rudder position by constantly monitoring heading, rate of turn, and amount of
rudder applied. With a virtual feedback you will save a considerable amount of time and aggravation during installation
and increase the reliability of your autopilot system. Note: A rotary or linear feedback is required for the display to
show actual rudder angle.
RPU80 Hydraulic Reversing Pump

For light to medium duty applications. 12 VDC, 4.9-12 cubic inch ram capacity.


Vessel    Power and sail boats up to 35'
Steering                  Type    Hydraulic
Display                    Uses IS40 Instrument Display
Control Type           Uses OP10 pushbutton controller
Processor                AC12
Rudder Feedback    Virtual or optional feedback
Compass                  RC42N Rate Compass
Drive Unit                 RPU80 hydraulic pump
Remote Options       Multi-station using either OP10, AP24 or AP28 heads, MFD, hand remote, joystick, or steering lever
Interface                   SimNet (NMEA 2000)
Dimensions              Controller: 4.5"H x 2.3"W x 0.6"D
Warranty                   Two years

Item number: 000-11486-001
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Package weight: 14 lb