SPORTDOG PetSafe NoBark 10R Bark Collar

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Contents of the package

NoBark 10R Collar
Black Collar Strap
Charging Adaptor
Operating and training guide


The SportDOG SBC-10R is a rechargeable bark control collar that allows you to select from 3 modes to control your dog from barking. The soft or temperament learning mode tracks the number of corrections needed to substantially reduce the number of nuisance barks. It begins with a low-level correction (Level 0) and increases with each successive bark until the barking stops. Once the dog has learned to reduce the barking, the initial warning corrections are reduced. The Progressive Correction mode starts at the lowest level and progresses to the next level (to a maximum of Level 9) each time your dog barks within 30 seconds of the previous bark. If your dog does not bark again within 30 seconds, the correction resets to Level 0. The user-selected correction mode allow the user to preset the correction level (0-9) that will be used every time the dog barks.

The built in PerfectBark™ technology provides firm, fair and consistent bark control, requiring both sound and
vibration are present before a correction is given. This smart technology ensures that only your dog's barking will trigger the collar, making this idea for kennels and situations where other dogs may be near. An automatic shut-off takes away the risk of over correcting your dog, such as in emergency and alarming situations where thenatural instinct of the dog is to verbally warn others.


Temperament mode
-Stimulation increases until barking stops
-Last correction level becomes the new starting level
Progressive Correction mode
-Stimulation increases until barking stops, then resets to the lowest level
User-Selected Correction mode
-The user presets the correction level

For dogs 12 lbs. and up
Collar neck size 7"-23"
Collar & Receiver Weight 4.48 oz
Receiver Dimensions: 4.45" (L) x 1.33" (W) x 1.28" (D)
10 Stimulation Levels
Perfect Bark® sound & vibration sensors
-both sensors have to go off to make correction
-This double check makes sure there are very few false alarms
-3-6 months per charge
-Approximately 4 hours to recharge
DRYTEK™ waterproof and submersible to 25 feet
LCD Display
Rubberized collar
-Standard Buckle makes it easily to switch collar band of your own choosing

SBC-10r - NoBark 10R Safety Features:

Safety shut-off feature
-Automatic Shut off after 80 seconds
Unique Sound & Vibration Sensors prevent almost all false alarms
-Vibration sensors are not triggered by other dogs barking
Learns dog temperment-always receives lowest effective correction level
Progressive Protection
-Start with lowest correction level and increases with each additional bark

Item number: SBC-10R
UPC: 0729849109377
Package weight: 0.5 lb

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